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It takes 3-5 days to create the pillow, 3-7 days for first class shipping

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Post op pillow designed to cushion the chest area, and support arms, after mastectomy and lymph node surgery, heart surgery, or any surgery affecting the chest or abdomen. The large body of the pillow cushions and protects the chest area. The arms of the pillow wrap around under the arms for comfortable support, lying down or sitting, keeping the weight of the arm off painful incisions during the healing process. 


1. Wearable pillow! Strap with easy-open buckle wraps around the back and fastens at the side. The strap will hold the pillow in place while moving around or sleeping.

2. Large pocket will hold an ice pack gently against the chest area to aid in healing incisions. 

Thoughtful gift for someone who is facing mastectomy, lumpectomy, or lymphectomy for breast cancer; open heart surgery, chest surgery, abdominal surgery.

Hand wash -- fill a sink with water and a little mild detergent. Squeeze several times to wash. Squeeze under running water to rinse. Fold in a towel to press out excess water and air dry.