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Handmade Baby Shampoo & Bath

Why should I buy Handmade Baby Shampoo & Bath?

Handmade baby shampoo and bath products are a wonderful way to make bath time special for your little one. Not only do handcrafted formulas provide a unique experience, but they can also help with keeping baby’s delicate skin and hair healthy. Every batch is handcrafted by local artisans who hand select the finest all-natural ingredients to ensure safety, quality and efficacy. Plus, they often come in cute packaging that makes them perfect to give as gifts! When you buy handmade baby shampoo & bath, you're not just buying something helpful - you're also supporting sustainable and ethical practices.

Does Handmade Baby Shampoo & Bath make a Good Gift?

Handmade baby shampoo and bath make a great gift for friends and family that recently welcomed a little one into the world. Not only are handcrafted products better for their newborn, but they also get to experience the handiwork of an artisan, making each product unique. Plus, handmade baby shampoo and bath will stay in memory as an extra special and thoughtful gift that you gave with love. Who can resist that?

What’s the difference between Handmade vs Mass-Produced Baby Shampoo & Bath?

Handcrafted baby shampoos and baths are made hand in hand with an artisan. They take the time to create each product, paying attention to all the details that make it so special, making the products unique - far from a mass-produced option. Going handcrafted means your baby is getting something special – something only a few of their peers may have. Mass-produced items on the other hand do not get the same attention and detail as handcrafted items – they are produced en masse, missing some of the small yet beneficial features hand crafts possess. Ultimately, choosing handcrafted baby shampoo and bath products can mean your child will benefit from more natural ingredients, more detailed scents, unique textures and more!

What is the History of Baby Shampoo & Bath?

Baby shampoos and baths have been used for centuries to ensure the gentle cleansing of delicate baby skin. Initially handcrafted by artisan elves and affectionately dubbed 'Baby's Magic Water' by their families, these unique products were richer in frequent washing ingredients such as olive oil, saponified coconut oil, and honey. In 1969, a company revolutionized this traditional practice by inventing tearless baby shampoo that was pH balanced to be more gentle on babies' eyes than handcrafted products. A lighter version of liquid soap also became available, which allowed parents to safely use it in handcrafted products with the same formula. Today, baby shampoos and baths are still handcrafted with natural ingredients to protect your precious little one!