Berried Treasure Fizzy Bubble Bath for Kids

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About this Product

Dive into a world of bathtime adventure with our Berried Treasure Bubble Bath Fizzy for kids! Packed with whimsy and bursting with berry-scented goodness, this delightful treat will turn every bath into an exciting exploration.

Housed in an adorable bear-shaped bottle, each 8 oz container holds a treasure trove of bath time fun. Watch as your little ones' eyes light up with joy at the sight of our Berried Treasure Bubble Bath Fizzy, featuring four alternating colors that swirl and dance in the water, creating a captivating kaleidoscope of bubbles.

Infused with the sweet scent of berries, this fizzy formula will transport your kids to a magical world of fruity delights as they splash and play in the tub. From the moment they twist off the cap to the last bubble-filled rinse, our Berried Treasure Bubble Bath Fizzy will keep them entertained and enthralled with its delightful aroma and colorful display.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Our kid-friendly formula is designed to produce an abundance of bubbles, turning every bath into an epic bubble bath extravaganza. Your little ones will love sinking into a sea of frothy bubbles and letting their imaginations run wild as they embark on a journey of underwater adventure.

Make bath time a blast with our Berried Treasure Bubble Bath Fizzy. Because when it comes to keeping kids entertained, nothing beats the magic of bubbles and the sweet scent of berries.

The Scented Angels

Berea, KY
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I will get a photo as soon as I can. Meet Brittany, Kenny, Alanna, Rhydyr, and Abby. Brittany and Abby are the creators, Kenny and Alanna are the brains, sales, customer service for online and in-person events, and all the other things. Rhydyr is our little macho man who loves people and having fun, so he's our little guy who's not shy to say hi. We are a happy little family who loves to spend time together and create. We make all of our products for our home because we don't really enjoy those harsh chemicals in products from the store. So we decided to go out on a venture and learn how to make healthy, environmentally friendly products for ourselves and to share with you. 

We enjoy cooking, watching movies (Kenny is the TV guy), being creative (Brittany), and doing typical teenage things (Alanna & Abby). Brittany and Abby enjoy reading books. We all enjoy camping, hiking, amusement parks, traveling, and trying new things. We are officially going to events for 2024, so if you are in the central/southern Kentucky area, stop by some events and find us. We'll be posting updates on Instagram as we get closer to events. 

Although we do make several products, if there is something you don't see listed, please let us know. If it falls within what we're doing, we might just add it!

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How it’s Made

To make this bubble bear, we divided the product into four bowls, added four different colors, and then added the product to the bear bottles alternating the four colors. This can be made with a single color, two colors, three, or however many you want. Just remember a little goes a long way!

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