Bichon Friese catheter bag cover

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About this Product

Cover for a single or double hanger style catheter bag 2000ml volume.(Bard or Medline brand) Full coverage so the wearer can be confident that bag contents are out of public view.  Generous zip opening  makes inserting the bag easy and the open hem, which allows full access to the drain port means the cover can stay on the bag when it's time to empty.  Bottom hem is weighted and the contoured snug-fit of the cover helps to keep it neatly in place.

Made with machine wash cotton, but consider hanging to dry.

The Cotton Bunny

Bemidji, MN

Meet the Maker

 I have always been interested in sewing, pattern drafting, fabrics and the mere process of thread and needle working together. I learned to sew from my mother when I was very young. I've sewn garments for Barbie, myself, my children and grandchildren, along with bags and quilts and lordy I've even mended! A few years ago my daughter, who is a Social Worker, pointed out the need for a cover for the catheter bags being used in the medical setting she was working. Thinking through her idea, I designed a cover that I thought catheter users and caregivers might like. 

I live in northern Minnesota, am married with two grown kids.  In addition to those facts I also have: in-laws, grandchildren, a messy sewing room, a salt addiction and to some degree stubbornness and opinions. And I absolutely love this gig. Love to hear all about YOU!  Welcome to The Cotton Bunny.

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