Bright Multi-Colored Handwoven Rag Rug 25" x 78"

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About this Product

Handwoven Rag Rug

Recycled various cotton and cotton blends

Machine Washable and Reversible

Bright Multi-Colored 25" x 78" (fringe included)

Revitalized and Reimagined: A Mosaic of Recycled Delights!

Discover the extraordinary world of recycling with my remarkable rugs. Crafted from once-beloved household textiles, these rugs breathe new life into forgotten fabrics. Each rug is a captivating tapestry of repurposed wonders, blending sweaters, socks, shirts, jeans, bedding, and beyond. Each rug lends its own uniqueness due to the blend of textures and colors.

Every rug is meticulously handwoven on my trusty two-harness loom. I pour my passion and attention to detail into each weave, ensuring a quality that transcends trends. The impeccable straight edges and tightly woven strands are testaments to my dedication, while the variety of warp colors allows me to create pieces that complement any aesthetic, from modern minimalism to vintage charm.

These rugs are not just beautiful; they're a testament to your commitment to the environment. By choosing recycled textiles, you're reducing your carbon footprint and giving pre-loved materials a new lease on life. And unlike mass-produced rugs, each of mine is embodied with the soul of craftsmanship, making it a truly special addition to your home.

Your new rug will arrive at your doorstep within 2-3 days via expedited Priority Mail or trusted UPS, carefully packaged to ensure its pristine condition. It comes from a smoke-free home, where it has been lovingly cared for and kept company by my delightful hypoallergenic pup.

Embrace the beauty of sustainability and bring a touch of timeless elegance into your life. Invest in a handwoven rug today and experience the magic of recycled memories, one exquisite step at a time.

Raggity Rug Design

Ames, IA
Thank you for stopping by and browsing through the sustainable rag rugs.
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Hi, I'm Terry.  I reside in central Iowa and am the designer and creator of Raggity Rug Design.

I was born and raised on a farm in South Dakota where resources were not wasted.  I am a third generation weaver and learned from an early age that by recycling old clothing and household textiles they could be woven into beautiful and functional rag rugs.

As a young child I often watched my grandfather as he operated his two harness floor loom and helped my mom with rag preparations. 

I don't believe in wasting anything, especially clothes that have turned into rags!  Instead of tossing old textiles or clothes in to the trash, where they would meet a sad fate in the landfill, watch me transform them into eco-friendly masterpieces. 

My handwoven rag rugs are crafted using 100% upcycled materials, making them a perfect choice for those who care about the environment.

Rugs are not only a functional piece but they can add beauty and charm to any room in your home.  Enhance your favorite spaces, be it the cozy corner of your back porch, the kitchen, or even the camper, with one of my versatile handwoven throw rugs.

Join me in embracing sustainability and and let a rag rug weave a story of recycled beauty into your favorite living spaces. 

If needing specific colors and length please reach out to me. 

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Shop Reviews (88)

Wonderfully hand made rug fits perfectly in front of my slider doors. Love the colors and texture. Would buy from again.


This is my second rug from this artist - I only replaced the first one because we moved and the color of the first rug does not work in the new bathroom. These rugs are beautiful and almost impossible to wear out.


Beautiful, high-quality rug. Very well made, and I love that it is made from reused cloth. Speedy free delivery, too! Thank you very much, RaggityRugDesign!



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