Butterfly Water Droplet Coaster Set (5 Coasters + Holder) Chameleon Blue & Purple Epoxy Resin

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This beautiful one-of-a-kind, handmade epoxy resin butterfly coaster set is guaranteed to make the perfect gift for your favorite butterfly lover! Complete with 5 butterfly coasters and a butterfly coaster holder. I used one of my absolute favorite resin techniques I have learned so far on these coasters and the tutorial video of me making these coasters has over 25,000 views across all my socials! People loved watching me make these. The water droplets make the chameleon colors look so mesmerizing. Each coaster has corkboard backings for grip and absorbing moisture!


Perfect for any butterfly lover

Water droplet Technique

Chameleon Colors

Corkboard Backings!

Comes with Coaster Holder!


Coasters:3 1/4 INCHES

Coaster Holder Round: 4 INCHES

Coaster Holder Height: 1 INCH


Epoxy Resin

UV Resin

Chameleon Pigment powders

Mica Powders

Butterfly Stickers

Cork Board (Backs)


Not meant for outdoor decoration - Most epoxy resins will lose their shape if exposed to heat for an extended period of time. Please keep your epoxy resin purchase out of direct sunlight in a cool area of the house. If the epoxy resin creation is kept in a very warm room like a conservatory, in summer, in direct sunlight this can make the item become flexible, when it cools again it will harden back up, but this could then misshape the item.

Do not use cleaning products on epoxy resin. If cleaning is needed, please use only warm water - Soap if necessary. Cleaning products my cause dulling and cause product to lose its shine. Epoxy resin is a form of plastic, it needs to be gently cleaned, simply using a dry or damp soft cloth to wipe clean is the best approach.

Do not use any harsh chemicals when cleaning epoxy resin products as this can dull or even degrade the epoxy resin. Do not put any epoxy resin creation through a dishwasher, these can get very hot and make the item flexible and misshaped.

Your epoxy resin creations are only heat resistant up to temperatures of 200F/93C. Please do not place anything straight from the oven onto your purchases. A warm mug should be ok, however sometimes having something like Green Tea (a drink without milk to cool it down slightly) placed on a resin coaster can make the item slightly flexible as the mug can get very hot.

If the items do become warm and slightly flexible, place them in a cooler area to harden again. Please note you will need to place them on a flat surface as they will harden to the shape they are placed on.

Thank You for checking out my art!



Divide, CO
Thank you so much for stopping by! See something you like but not in the right color? Message me! I'll make it for you no additional charge. Need a…
Contact Maker

Meet the Maker

Hello and Welcome to Saides3Dcreations!

My name is Saide and I am an Epoxy Resin Artist from a small town the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. Born and raised here; I'm often inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounds me everyday. Art has always been a huge part of my life.

I remember painting little clay sculptures with my mom all the time growing up. Art was one of her absolute favorite things. She always motivated me to use my creativity. I remember how close it always brought us, even as a young kid. Now art is one of my ways of keeping her alive within me.

I enjoy all kinds of different art mediums and I'm always open to trying new things when it comes to my art. My two main art mediums being Epoxy Resin and 3D Pen. I received my very first Epoxy Resin Christmas of 2022 from my boyfriend. I was so excited to finally get to try what I had been watching in all these videos. 

Since I have spent SO MUCH TIME researching and educating myself on resin. I have spent many, many hours practicing and learning new techniques and I have received so much love on my socials regarding my Epoxy Resin Artwork. My mind has been blown by the amount of support I have received. I'm so excited to finally have a place to show my inventory and possibly get a few sales! 

I love colors and everything shiny or sparkly. I often go through color "phases" where I'll create art in a certain color for a few days or even weeks and then I'll move onto the next color that speaks to me. I love putting fun additives into my epoxy resin; such as glow powders, color changing powders, and I LOVE using sparkles and glitters. Art allows so much freedom and fun and Epoxy really gives me the chance to express myself in so many different ways.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my artwork. It truly means so much to me. I cannot thank everyone enough. I'm so excited to see what this next chapter has in store for Saides3Dcreations! 

~Saides3Dcreations (Saide)

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How it’s Made

Made with Love!

Check out how these coaster were made! (Over 25,000 views)


3 Day Process to make coasters

Starting my placing each butterfly into all 5 coaster molds, I then used my UV resin to create the water droplet effect. Using my UV light in-between every few drops to harden them before they spread any. After all the water drops are applied and hardened, It was time for the beautiful chameleon powders! Using a makeup brush, I spread the blue and purple powders about randomly in each coaster (I wanted each one to have their own unique look, but still the same color scheme). I then mixed up a bunch of black epoxy resin to pour for the backs. Black makes the chameleon powders really pop.

After letting the coasters harden over night; I demolded each of them and it was time for the backings! For some reason I could not find the proper cut sized corkboard so I had to cut all of the backings out using a template and an exacto knife. The corkboard had uneven jagged edges after cutting them so I used a file to smooth out each one. After getting them all cut to size, I mixed up more epoxy. After pouring a little epoxy to the back of each coaster and spreading it out, I was able to stick the corkboard to the backs. The corkboard wanted to peel up on the edges, so I put the coasters under a box with some weights on top to make sure they were stuck down perfectly.

The coaster holder was an after thought, but I absolutely love how it came out too!

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