Carpal Tunnel Care Essential Oil Rollerball Blend | Wrist Pain | Joint Pain | Tingling Hands and Fingers | Numbness | Pins & Needles

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TerraBlends Essential Oil "Roller-Ball Remedies" are made exclusively with "PREMIUM" essential oils to help with physical/emotional health issues. We guarantee to use the same superior essential oil brand and blend each and every time to ensure consistent and positive results.
In order to be compliant, we are unable to disclose the brand of essential oils we use in our products as well as the actual given name of the "proprietary" blended oils.

Hint: Our company name is similar to the brand we use exclusively.

This blend is available in 10ml & 5ml sizes.

Ingredients: Wintergreen, Cypress, Marjoram, Myrrh, Peppermint & FCO

FCO = Fractionated Coconut Oil. Please contact us for additional carrier oil options.

High Potency for Adult use ONLY.

Infant/Child, Elderly, and Customized Blends are available upon request. Pricing may be affected.

Bottle design is subject to change.


Rydal, GA
TerraBlends essential oil products are created exclusively with SUPERIOR essential oils and premium NON-GMO organic products. TerraBlends is committed to using the same SUPERIOR quality brand and blend each and every time to ensure consistent and positive results. Have you ever wanted to try an essential oil but were skeptical?  Now you can!  TerraBlends offers all single and blended essential oils in a 1.25ml or a 2.5mldropper bottle “Sampler" size. Wholesale pricing is available for purchases over $150.00.  Please contact us directly for special wholesale pricing. All glass bottles are UV protected, all rollers for our roller ball bottles are either glass or stainless steel, and all plastic bottles are HDPE BPA free. All "Roller-Ball Remedies" are high potency for ADULT USE only unless stated otherwise. Infant/Child, elderly and pet potency as well as CUSTOMIZED BLENDS are available upon request. TerraBlends products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and have not been evaluated by the FDA.   TerraBlends products are provided to those who prefer a NON-TOXIC natural alternative to help with everyday concerns.  All sales are final.  Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.   We look forward to providING you with NON-TOXIC options for relief from physical/emotional struggles.   And don't forget to try our great smelling "Sprays” & “Clean Hands" hand sanitizers as well!  In order to be compliant, we are not allowed to disclose which brand of essential oils we use exclusively in all of our products.   If you would like to know, please feel free to contact us.  Hint: Our company name is similar to the brand name of essential oils that we use exclusively.
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Our family was tired with all the negative side effects and toxic chemicals from OTC and prescription medications. So we set out to find a homeopathic alternative to treat our physical/emotional health issues.

We tried herbs, vitamins etc... and then we were introduced to the wonderful world of essential oils. We were quite amazed at how well essential oils helped with so many different everyday issues.  

After further research we found that not all essential oils are created equal. We felt that quality should be the most important factor in choosing which brand to use. We chose the brand that was committed to growing their product in it’s native setting as well as using outside companies to test their product in order to ensure it’s purity.

In order to be compliant, we are unable to disclose the brand name of essential oils that we use exclusively. (Hint: our company name is similar to the brand name we use)

Because essential oils can be costly, my husband and I decided to start our own business to make these products more affordable by offering sample sizes, diluted options (essential oil(s) plus a carrier oil) and custom blends.

Our endeavor is to help you manage your health and wellness with a superior quality essential oil product that is also easy on your pocket book.

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