Carribbean Blue Ceramic Tumblers, Stemless Wine/Water Cup, Whiskey Bourbon Glasses, Bathroom Decor, Toothbrush Holder,Handmade Pottery Gift

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Carribbean Ocean Blue inspired Tumblers will elevate your drinking experience and surroundings. This is the perfect gift for the ocean and beach lover in your life. A handmade ceramic cup filled with your favorite tea, whiskey or perhaps wine, as you relax with its subtle beach vibes in hand. It is a beautiful addition to any bathroom or kitchen whether used as a water cup or toothbrush holder for you or your guests. Or even a pencil holder. All of my cups are comfortable to hold and lightweight. This would make a great gift and addition to any space.

Size: 4.0” Tall x 3" Diameter Holds approx. 10 fl oz.

Made from white stoneware clay. High fired to 2250 degrees in an electric kiln. All materials used are lead free.

Food, microwave, and dishwasher safe, although it's always best to hand wash pottery for longevity.

All of my items are hand-built or made on the potter's wheel. Each are unique, never exactly identical. Please note that colors may differ slightly than what you see on your computer due to differences in screen settings.

Questions? Please contact me and I will respond promptly. Thanks for visiting.

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Lost Mountain Pottery

Kennesaw, GA
Welcome to LostMountainPottery. You will find ceramic items of all kinds. Mugs, tumblers, cups, bowls, trivets, plant pots, succulent pots, saki sets, and more. All the fun begins with a lump of clay in my home studio. Most items are thrown on the potter's wheel while some are hand-built. I even get to play chemist by making my own lead free food safe glazes. Every piece is unique and has variations genuine to itself. Whether it be by a slight difference in size as well as color of the glaze. I hope you enjoy browsing my shop as much as I love making pottery.
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My love affair with clay

Isn’t it amazing that pottery comes from dirt? Ok a lump of clay. But that clay comes from the earth - actually decomposing rock - but who needs to be technical. This is my passion. And I want to share it with you and the world. Bowls, platters, trays, cups, mugs, sculptures,vessels, all of it. So I love playing with clay! I always have since I was young. I have only had my hands back in clay for about 8 years on and off. I don't have any formal training, I am self taught. I love the way it feels, and the challenge it presents. Most of all, I love making and sharing it with and for YOU! I want you to experience that "something special" when you hold a piece of handmade pottery in your hands. Let’s take a mug for example. You and everyone else needs to have at least one handmade mug that feels amazing in your hands. I actually have a few to choose from made by other potters that I reach for. That one mug (or more) magically becomes your “go to” mug each time you have a cup of coffee, tea, or your favorite beverage. It doesn't feel cold, manufactured, and disposable like most mass produced items we have in our cupboards. Each piece is unique, no two pieces are identical. Just as you are unique and have your own personality so does each piece of handmade pottery. When you look at your decorative/functional bowl or tray on your counter, you know that no one else in the world has one just the same. It is as unique as you are. As you hold it, it feels warm with depth, soul, and history. This is the art of the maker and art comes from the depths of one's soul, and within that soul there is a history.

Making pots is one of the oldest art forms in history. This is part of the charm of pottery. And I am honored to be a part of that. My mission is to make beautiful pottery for you so you can fill your home with one of a kind pieces. I hope my passion for pottery ignites a passion in you too! And know that each piece I make is made for you, with love and joy.


It is a long process that I find creative, meditative, and exciting. Each piece is hand-made. Whether on the potters wheel, by hand-building, or a combination of both methods. Once the piece is formed it sits until it is dry. This could take days to weeks. Then it is put in the kiln for its first firing. This is called the Bisque firing which is unglazed and prepares the piece for glazing. It takes about 12 hours to complete. Now the piece is ready for the glaze application. Once the glaze is dry it is time for the 2nd firing, the Glaze firing. It is fired to a very high temperature of 2260' F. Now the "magic" happens. The piece becomes strong, non-porous, the glaze melts, and becomes glass-like. It will take 7-12 hours. Now comes the hardest part of the process for all potters....waiting...waiting for the kiln to cool. At this point all I can think about is when that kiln lid can be opened so I can see how things turned out. It is always like a surprise party! Because there are so many variables which cannot all be controlled, the end result is always a surprise. Some wonderful and some not so much. But it is always very exciting!

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How it’s Made

Made from white stoneware clay thrown on the potter's wheel. Then we wait for it to dry and put it in the kiln for its 1st firing. Glazing and decorating happens next with fingers crossed as it goes back into the kiln because it's never 100% the results you are aiming for actually happens. When they do, I do a happy dance!

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All items are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe unless otherwise noted. Though it is always best to hand wash pottery for longevity.

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I've been looking for something exactly like this for a long time, and I'm so excited to finally have it! I absolutely love my new soap dish!

Happy Customer

Love this soap holder. It's so unique and beautiful - I love that I'm interacting every day with something so functional that makes me smile.


This dish is so pretty. And was excited it that it arrived earlier. Looks great on my counter! Super pleased with my purchase...thank you!