Chain maille Christmas tree necklace

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About this Product

Chain maille Christmas tree necklace 

Each piece is hand placed, opened and closed by hand.  These pieces are made from aluminum chainmaille so it is not too heavy.  It is on a ball chain and is long enough to slip over the head.  If you want it shorter you can snip the ball chain to shorten it.  The piece does not have a front so it does not matter how you put it on.

Perfect for any holiday outfit.  

Frankly Fun Creations

Franklin, WI
I love making crafts that are functional and fun.  I enjoy metal stamping and using resin and vinyl.  
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I am Betsy, I live in South Eastern Wisconsin.  I enjoy creating a number of different items and trying new craft projects as well.

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The items I make are handmade, I am not perfect or a machine so there may be variations in each item and might be imperfections.  I take a lot of time on each item but imperfections happen, examples: bumps or bubbles in resin, a thread that did not get clipped on a sewn item, not all letters on a metal stamped item as deep as others.