Concrete Ball Peg

5-7 Days to make before being shipped.

About this Product

Hang your items in style with this spherical hook! The simple ball-shaped design of this knob will fit any modern or minimalist aesthetic. They can be placed in a bedroom, closet, or entryway to keep your hats, bags or necklaces organized. Each knob has a screw on the back which fastens it to a surface.

It is ideal to place them into a wall stud to support heavier items. A drywall anchor should be used if placing directly into drywall. These sphere hooks are hand casted. Variations in texture and appearance should be expected with concrete.

Dimensions: 2.14" W x 2.14" L x 2" H

Made on the Central Coast of California.

Please reach out with any questions or specific requests :).

Follow me on Instagram @minimallootdesign to see more of my work and creative process!

Minimal Loot Design

Atascadero, CA
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Meet the Maker

My name is Kacee, and I have always been passionate about creating things since I was a kid. My passion for working with concrete was ignited when I started DIYing projects around the home. I've always been enamored with the minimalistic look and feel of concrete, and discovered its versatility when I began making pieces for my own home, now a gallery of my work.

My minimalist home decor pieces were created to share my love of simplicity by using clean lines, organic shapes, and neutral colors. I hope that my work can help cultivate a calm and inviting atmosphere in your home that is truly timeless.

I launched Minimal Loot Design with only a couple of products available and thought, "I'll just see what happens." Before long I was getting my first sales, which inspired me to create more and more! I will continue to push the boundaries of my art, working with new materials and techniques.

Running this business has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The hard work I put into my pieces is so worth it, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for my business. I have so many ideas, so little time, but so much excitement!

Follow me on Instagram @minimallootdesign to see my creative process and watch my journey to make things with my hands, create new molds, and pour concrete!

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How it’s Made

Hooks are formed using high quality concrete and are sealed to protect against moisture. They are poured and finished by hand giving each a unique look.