Copper Hummingbird Cuff - Powder Coated - Hypo-allergenic

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William Rice Copper Hummingbird Cuff

This beautiful copper cuff is designed for nature enthusiasts who want to express their passion through jewelry. Crafted with care, it captures the essence of nature’s beauty.

It is made from a thick, 14 gauge copper sheet. The design was manually embossed into the copper using a jewelers mill, using a steel plate designed with a hand-carved hummingbird in flight amidst intricate flowers by renowned artist and engraver William Rice.

The detailed embossed design adds depth and texture to the bracelet.

The patina finish enhances the copper’s natural beauty and highlights the intricate details. The vivid imagery of the hummingbird and flowers evokes the beauty of the natural world.

More than an accessory, this cuff is a wearable piece of art that connects you to the natural world. What makes this cuff even more special is that the inside of the cuff is thoughtfully coated to prevent skin reactions for those sensitive to copper jewelry. The vibrant Candy Raspberry color adds a delightful touch.

The bracelet measures approximately 6 ½ inches wide by ¾ inch tall.

Imagine wearing a piece of jewelry that reflects the grace and vibrancy of hummingbirds. 


Delano, TN
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Meet the Maker

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my work. I am a visually impaired silversmith based in East Tennessee, not far from Chattanooga. Although I've only been working with metal for a few years, I've always been an artist in one capacity or another.  As a child I learned how to sketch from my grandfather who was an artist, sign painter and, who his family believes, was the inventor of the first bottle jack. He was a pretty amazing guy. I've also been a photographer which is a medium I really miss.

Not long ago the lens in the right eye detached and because I don't have a lens in my left eye, it has left me pretty dependent on other people, mostly my husband. I don’t know how life would be without his support. 

Probably the worst thing you can do to a visual artist is to take away their ability to see, but because I am just that stubborn, I decided that I wasn't going to let this problem defeat me. I pulled out the old stereo microscope and purchased a micro welder. With perseverance and a few specialized tools to assist me, I am able to create what I visualize in my mind.

My pieces have evolved into wearable art inspired by nature. I love the organic shapes and textures of the natural world, and I strive to capture those elements in my work. I use a variety of techniques to achieve my desired effect, including hammering, soldering, and polishing. I am always experimenting with new designs and materials, and I am excited to see where my work will take me in the future. 

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How it’s Made

This cuff began as a 6 in by 12 inch, 14 gauge copper sheet. It was hand sawn into the appropriate size needed for the cuff. The copper was heated and softend with a jewelers torch, then manually embossed with a jewelers mill, using a steel pattern plate that was designed by William Rice.

The cuff was cut to shape using jewelers tools such as a manual press and steel die. It was then finished by hand using various hand tools. A rough polish was applied front and back.

The powder coating method began by preheating an oven specifically used for the powder coating process. The cuff was prepped by performing an alcohol wash. All tools involved with the process also undergo an aocohol wash as well. 

Once everything is dry, the powder coating is gitated and scooped with an enameling sifter. The cuff is then slowly and evenly coated with the powder paint. 

The cuff is then transferred to the oven where it bakes for a specific amount of time, allow the coating to flow and cure. One the item cools, it is examined to ensure the coating has cured. The coating is reapplied as many times as necessary.

Once I have deterrmined the coating is appropriate, the piece is cooled. Once cooled, I begin the final steps of applying patina the to the embossed patterrn to bring out the details of the engraving. The cuff is the polished to a brushed finish and shaped.

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