Copper machined metal D6 game dice (sold individually)

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About this Product

Greetings! Available for purchase are our CNC machined metal casino dice. They are priced individually. Our dice are a standard 6 sided die that are the same layout as a casino die. Actual dimensions are .688" (17.47 mm) square. They feature a matte, tumbled finish and inverted cone shaped pips. They are all very heavy and are a wonderful addition for any dice collector. Weights are listed below. These dice are constructed from a variety of premium metals. We currently stock Titanium, Stainless, Bronze, Copper, Brass, and Cast Iron.

Items to note: These are metal dice. Some of the metals (copper, brass, cast Iron) will patina naturally with time. The amount they are handled and the method of care will also be a factor. They can also be dented when used aggressively. Some of the softer metals (brass) will dent much easier than the stronger metals (titanium). Please expect that what you buy and your methods of use will determine these result developments.

The list price is per die. 

Weights and material descriptions are as follows:

99.9% pure 110 Copper - 1.5oz

Please contact with any questions. Thank you for looking!

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Wallingford, VT

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Greetings! Thank you for stopping by! All of our items are proudly machined in the United States at our CNC Machine Shop in Clarendon, VT. We bring over 25 years of design and machining experience to our customers. We sell small batch metal gift items, as well as help develop complex one piece prototypes, or meet large volume production demands. We do our best to source US products for both our personal and professional lives, and we hope you will consider supporting US manufacturing as well.

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