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This is a digital product delivered as a downloadable file.

This is a digital product delivered as a downloadable file.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: PDF downloads are non-refundable and aren't eligible for exchanges due to the nature of these items.


The Alpine Star Tree Topper is a beautiful intricately textured + modern topper for your Christmas tree, but it's more than just a tree topper. Once you understand the construction of the star motif, you can use the size customization notes + any weight yarn to make many different projects with this pattern, including: pillows, a rug, a crib mobile, garland, appliqués, gift tags, ornaments, a wall hanging, coasters, etc.

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Familiarity with: basic stitches, advanced stitches, working in a round, working flat, increasing, decreasing, seaming motifs together, post recognition, loop recognition, understanding of the use of asterisks, brackets, and parentheses, experience following a pattern, experience following a pattern with minimal to no photo references


One Size | approx. 10" diameter

With instructions for size customization.


Category 3 DK or 4 worsted weight yarn

Size 4mm (for DK) and 5mm (for worsted) hook

(1) 12-page digital PDF download in US standard crochet terms

Video tutorial

Instructions for customizing size


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The Cozy Knot was created in 2016 by Tanya Johnson. It started as a place to sell handmade meticulously-crafted crocheted items and evolved into a brand that designs clean and modern crochet patterns for the body and home.


In this fast-paced world full of technology, social media, and instant gratification, my hope is that my designs allow you to slow down, be mindful in the moment, and find appreciation for the creative process. The process of crocheting is truly transformative, meditative, and healing, and the pride that comes from creating garments or items for your own home is truly uplifting.


My designs are often inspired in a split-second moment from a thought, feeling, or something around me. I usually take a couple days to design my way through all the details in my mind before I choose a yarn and start working up the item or swatches. My style tends to be functional and clean with subtle design flairs, while paying close attention to drape, aesthetic, stitch, balance, and assembly/construction.


Hello! My name is Tanya and I am the creative behind The Cozy Knot. I run my business out of my "home" in Texas. However, I'm a geographical transplant, so I consider my actual home MinnesOOOta. I'm a self-taught crocheter. The seed was planted a LOOOONG time ago when my identical twin sister, Tiffany, and I would spend time at my grandparents house where we'd watch our grandmother crochet. Before she died when we were 10 years old, she made us each a large crochet afghan blanket (which I still have to this day).  Years later (as adults), Tiffany started taking up crochet out of curiosity. I followed soon after, and these days, Tiff and I could easily spend hours together crocheting and binging on Netflix. From there, the hobby just took off. Crochet was just something that began to click for me. I could only keep so many crocheted items for myself, so it was just natural to consider opening an Etsy shop to keep my hook moving! After a couple years of selling handmade items, the business evolved into design and pattern-writing—something that truly fuels my creative spirit. I like to think that my grandma would be tickled and proud to see how my sister and I have come to love crochet the way we do. I sincerely appreciate your support in this journey! Thank you so much for coming to check out The Cozy Knot!


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Pricing depends on how much time it takes you to make the item and how much you spend on materials. But it’s also a little more than that (overhead, profit, etc). Here’s the most basic formula (2 STEPS) I recommend for pricing handmade items:

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The wholesale price only covers your time + cost of materials, so now you have to add overhead and other costs (if there are any…shipping, packaging, website, tags, marketing time/fees, gas/travel, selling fees, etc). And of course you need to make a profit, so then you have to do a STEP 2.

STEP 2: Wholesale Price x Number Between 1.5-2.25 = Retail Price

To decide on a number between 1.5-2.25, it depends on how much “other expenses” you have for your business. If you don’t have any or very many, select 1.5. If you have a moderate amount, 1.75. If you have more, 2. If you have a lot, 2.25. 

You can also Google “how to price handmade items” and there will be several blogs that populate on the topic.

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