Custom Dragon Keycap - Custom Artisan Keycap, Unique Resin Keycap, Cute Gift For Gamer, Custom Dragon

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About this Product

This item is a small hand painted, 3D printed keycap topped with a dragon on a rock. I offer the gold dragon by default, but as it is a custom paint job, please feel free to include a note with your order to request another color. Each figure was modeled in blender, printed in resin, sanded, primed, hand painted using acrylic paints and then sealed. Colors may vary due to variations in screens.
Each keycap is designed to fit on a Cherry MX style mechanical keyboard switch such as gateron or Kailh.

Height - 16mm
Width - 18mm
Depth - 18mm

Due to its hand painted nature, each item may have slight imperfections. Colors may also vary from the listing due to inconsistencies in screens.

Moore Wright Projects

Orlando, FL

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