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Cozy sleeve coffee to go cup holder Medium Dance Mom dance recital coffee sleeve

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About this Product

Great for all those nights at Dance and all those Dance Recitals...It will keep your drink colder longer or perhaps hotter longer because these cozy's are Micowave safe unlike many others

Sizing Chart:

Large fits Starbucks Trenta Iced Drinks Dunkin Donuts Large Iced Drinks. Most large sized soft drinks.

Medium fits  Starbucks Venti Iced drinks, Dunkin Donut medium iced drinks and Dunkin Donuts large hot drinks.

Small fits  Starbucks Grande Iced drinks, Starbucks Venti hot drinks, Dunkin Donut Small iced drinks, Dunkin Donuts medium hot drinks and ORIGINAL RED SOLO CUPS not generic

These coffee huggers are all made from 3 layers of 100% cotton.  The inside is a 100% cotton double punched batting making them more pliable than most and even microwaveable!!!  A big plus.  They will keep your hot or cold drinks at the correct temperature for a longer period. Stops sweat marks on desk and tabletops.  Ice will last longer

Vivilou and more

Westfield, MA
Hello and Welcome to my online store where you will find cup huggers/cozy’s and much more to come including precious memory items from your loved ones clothing.
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I Have been sewing  for as long as I remember.  I take great pride in my work and love to create as I go.   I started the business Rags to Riches on my own about 20 years ago when my daughter asked me to make a memory blanket out of her t shirts. It then went on to creating beautiful pillows and bears from your loved ones clothing.  

It was 6 years ago when Vivilou came into play with cup cozy’s for your hot and cold drinks. The name came to be with my moms name Vivian and my middle name Louise(May she rip and be smiling down at me).  Vivilou was born!!!  I try to pick the cutest of fabrics and bring it to my customers several times of the year.  I will also throw in things like burp cloths, baby bids, toothfairy pillows or whatever else I might want to get my hands on.  
I Hope you enjoy breezing threw my little shop Vivilouandmore