Dropped Stitch Scarf - Wool Blend

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It's A Wrap!

Wide enough to keep  the wind off your chest, long enough to toss around in any fashion – what more can a woman want? 

This pretty scarf should be at the top of your accessories list!  At approximately 90 inches long, 16 inches wide, this is definitely a fashion statement.  It won't matter where you wear it -- you will be noticed! The knitted drop stitch is  a gorgeous stitch for almost any garment -- just look at your scarf for the proof.  Having lunch or dinner in an overly air-conditioned restaurant?  This knitted scarf will keep you comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your evening.

Mulberry Scarf -- Made in 55% acrylic, 15% alpaca, 30% wool – machine wash-cool water, gentle, lay flat to dry.

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Credit:  Lifeiscozy.com

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Hi and welcome to Trendsetter Shawls, the place for all your chic and trendy fashion needs!  I’m your hostess, Shrympe Strong, and I am the Owner/Crafter of ShrympeWorks – Trendsetter Shawls’ parent company.  I am humbled and appreciate you taking time to shop with me.  Over time, as we come to know each other better, I hope to make Trendsetter Shawls the 1st place you shop for fashionable items.


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 I.  Introduction

Thank you for supporting my shop., Trendsetter Shawls.  In these uncertain economic times, I appreciate your business.  Please be aware that my aim is to give you value while protecting myself as well. 

 II.  Custom Orders

When you order a custom or special made item, it is often necessary to order the materials first.  I am willing to work with you to achieve the best possible look, dependent on the fiber and the pattern or image being produced.  I reserve the right to refuse any custom order for any reason.  I reserve the right to refuse producing any item with materials I did not purchase myself.

When you order a custom item, the deposit will be used to cover the cost (or the partial costs) plus shipping of the materials needed to produce the item.  I have many sources and will seek to find the fiber of your choice at a reasonable price, where applicable. I will not give you access to my purchasing records, nor will I give you access to my suppliers.

 For shawls and wraps:  Please be aware that once used, yarns and/or threads can NOT be returned and once work has begun, no refund of any monies paid will be allowed for any reason.  No exceptions.  With that understanding, upon receipt of the material(s) for your item, I will notify you by the email you provided that the materials have been received.  You will have 3 business days to notify me if you have changed your mind.  Only upon due notice within those 3 business days will a refund be provided less the shipping fees incurred.  I reserve the right to keep the material(s) or return those materials, at my sole discretion.  Any refunds will be returned within business days in the manner originally paid.  Please be aware that processing times for refunds will vary based on your banking or credit card institution.

If you do not notify me within 3 business days that you no longer wish to purchase your special order, I will begin to work on your order.  I will notify you at the email provided by you that work has begun.  I will also give you a tentative finish and shipping date at that time.  Again, once work has begun, no refunds for any reason will be forthcoming.

For canvas/leather bags:  A $100.00 deposit will be due, along with any applicable taxes (on the $100.00) and shipping.  The balance, and applicable taxes, if any, will be due in 14 calendar days.  You will be provided with link to pay the balance due.

 III.  Deposits 

Each item in my store takes many hours of production work time.  A minimum deposit of $100.00 will be required for any lay-away.  Deposits are non-refundable.  No exceptions.  

The balance due shall be payable in full within 14 calendar days after the initial deposit.  Should you change your mind or fail to pay as agreed, the deposit will be kept as liquidated damages.  As a reminder, I will notify you at the email provided by you 3 business days prior to your balance being due.  I reserve the right to re-list the item for sale in my shop, or on any venue I desire, should you default on this agreement.

Should you wish to purchase a second item through this Lay-Away Plan, I reserve the right to refuse the service to you in my sole discretion.  

Thank you for supporting Trendsetter Shawls.

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