GOLD TURQUOISE DRUM STICKS Unique Spray Painted Cool Exercise Art Gift

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About this Product


The selected 7A size Maple wood was kiln dried, shaped, sanded and sealed, then primed and painted and varnished with quality acrylic paints. Each stick measures 12 inches and is equipped with a durable wood tip. 

Some year's ago I purchased a set of drum sticks and attempted to make beats on countless surfaces including boxes, cans, furniture and even the refrigerator. Laughingly my son said, " Dad, some people play the drums..but you play the kitchen!" This inspired me to share the joy of playing by incorporating it into a masterpiece for beginner musicians, professionals and art enthusiasts alike. 

A pair of these sticks are easily gift-able and will be enjoyed by drummers, artists, that special someone on their birthday or anyone else that enjoys music and rhythm. Or, discover the perfect addition to your personal art collection with an aesthetic display or interactive drum-pad to entertain your guests with! Rest assured that your drum sticks will be securely packaged and shipped immediately.

*The drum sticks exceed the photos in color, clarity and detail. Each pair is completely unique and one of a kind. 

Thank you for your interest in my artwork!

McGeary Art

Wahiawa, HI

Meet the Maker

The beauty of Hawaii influences my art: favorable climate, dramatic lighting, and the ocean are constant sources of inspiration. I create paintings and musical artworks that are visually active and entertaining.