Eclipse Moth Lapel Pin A from Stainless Steel Pin Collection Feb 2024

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About this Product

A stainless steel moth surrounded by a symbolic eclipse pin that comes with two locking backs and has been colored using fire and the flame painting technique. It measures a tiny bit under 1.5 inches wide. The pins are attached behind the total eclipsed sun at the top and the spot where the tails meet the body at the bottom, and the whole thing has been polished to be as shiny and colorful as possible.

Mind Your Monsters

Columbus, OH
These designs are all customizable. I can make them as finger rings, ear huggies, nose rings, dangles, ear charms, on earwires, and with titanium…
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Scientist turned disabled artisan. 

Narcoleptic lover of monsters. 

Caretaker of the uncharismatic. 

She'll tell you everything about bugs if given half a chance. 


How it’s Made

These are made from stainless steel shapes that I hammer, trim, and extensively shape with soft curves so they look dynamic instead of being flat. Then I thoughtfully attach pins depending on what the design is. Those pins are carefully sharpened by hand so that they don't catch on or damage clothes like a lot of the pins in less fancy pins.

These were then hand-sanded and polished selectively based on the design, and I am never doing that again because it took so many hours. There's no way I can charge for the amount of work that it takes, so this pin drop is going to be a special one.

After all that, I use fire to paint the steel and make it rainbow. Steel reacts with heat and oxygen to change colors and form durable oxidized layers of color. The colors show up from 410F up to about 800F with the best colors all from around 500 degrees to 580 degrees, so the process of getting a bunch of colors is one of precision. 

Lastly, after all of that, I give them the same locking backs that I use on any pin I ever wear, so you won't ever risk losing a pin. 

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