3 Craftsman Table Saw Exact-I-Cut replacements

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Replacement Exect-i-cut disc for Craftsman 113 (and similar) table saws.

Exect-i-cut disc are for aligning material to the blade easier when trying to make cuts. Take the fence or a straight edge and place it against the blade in the saw, mark where it extends over the disc, can do both sides it you wish. This makes it easier to align cut marks on materials about to be cut.

These are 3D printing replacement discs. Many have lost or, like to use multiples with blade swapping.

Price of $15 covers 3 discs, all packing and shipping included, $22.50 for 6.

Discs come in standard "plastic" finish or Matte finish! the Matte finish is easier to write on, but slightly harder to erase! 

(Unfortunately packaging and shipping costs makes it unreasonable to do single units) 

Note: these are Mostly PRINT TO ORDER! I have some printed but most will be printed once an order is place so please allow 2-5 days before item will be shipped! I have limited the amounts so I don't get too far ahead of me and my printer! If out of stock contact me or wait a day and they will likely be back in stock! 

Thomllama Designs

Old Lyme, CT

Meet the Maker

I guess have been a Maker at heart my whole life! I'm that guy who was always tinkering and trying to fix mechanical devises. I was in construction and wood working most of my life. Life has thrown me a few twists and had to move home to help with family. I have scrounged a decent setup of tools from my old jobs and with a lot help from family and friends to get a decent little wood working shop going. I am not really a mass production kinda of guy and much prefer to make single, one of a kind items so most everything in the store will have no other exactly like it, (except with "sets" of items)  I truly enjoy trying new things and will take custom orders for products if time allows so if you have something special you'd like, hit me up! 

How it’s Made

these are 3D Printed replacement handles I designed for my 735 planer. They are printed from a semi flexible material so they won't break if impacted by boards during use or other tools in storage as well as give a better "feel" during use than hard plastics. 

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