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This is a digital product delivered as a downloadable file.

This is a digital product delivered as a downloadable file.

Download the questionnaire and return via the email address at the bottom to get the process…

About this Product

These are actual COLOR RENDERINGS on your EXTERIOR using REAL PAINT COLORS (BM) you can then color match in any preferred brand. I choose paint for your entire exterior, including main body, trim, garage doors, front doors, shutters etc... The package is good for UNLIMITED REVISIONS, up to 2 weeks, on one view, so you are sure to be 100% happy 

WHEN: You will receive your first round of renderings the same day you are SCHEDULED FOR, and then we can fine tune the options from there as needed. However, I am usually booked out a few weeks, and at times I do have a backlog as long as a 3-4 weeks, so please check with me for current turnaround times. If you are in a hurry purchase the EXPEDITE OPTION and that will bump you into the next available 'expedite' spot instead. For current wait time for scheduling, please message me : ) Any back-and-forth revisions needed after the initial round of renderings can continue for as long as 2 weeks. For maximum efficiency, I only answer emails once in the morning, but I do answer 100% of them at that time. So please be aware that the communication will not be constant back and forth on the same day. I will see any revision requests each morning and respond with the new renderings then : ) Please remember E-design is NOT express design : )

Link to expedites:


This listing is for renderings of ONE VIEW of your exterior. If you want multiple view, such as front AND back, it will be 2 purchases.

** This package is for color renderings only. I do not have the ability to change structural/material things (and my prices do reflect that ; ) I can only change the color of existing elements.

** Please note it is IMPERATIVE that you provide a good picture of your home in natural light that shows the true colors of elements that will stay...such as roof or stone color. I do not know what these elements look like, so I trust the pictures you send are accurate representations.

NOTICE: Please keep in mind that monitor and printer color settings differ from machine to machine. The pictures I create are for comparison and visual reference only. It is ALWAYS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you get actual paint samples to try in person before your decision is made. I use Benjamin Moore paint colors for the renderings, and provide the exact name/color codes. These are then easily color matched to any other brand you prefer. : )

***PLEASE NOTE*** If I do not hear from you for more than 30 consecutive days, your project will be considered CLOSED with no refund.


Portland, OR
Welcome to my shop  I'm excited to help you make your home a reflection of YOU  I am booked out at times as much as 3 weeks so please check with me for current availability   I do have 2 expedite options for the procrastinators among us
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Thanks for visiting my store I'm an Interior e-Designer and Color Specialist with a knack for AFFORDABLE design solutions. No $600 light fixtures here I pride myself on my ability to source great products at a fraction of the cost While I've been in the design 'biz' for quite some time, I didn't start doing e-design until Covid forced me to pivot and recreate my business model. I took my skills digital and have never looked back! If you have design needs or questions, I'm happy to help. I have very affordable packages for all your home interior -and exterior- needs.

Shop Policies

How long does E-design take?

E-design does not mean 'express' design ; ) And while the process is pretty slick and easy, it IS still a process and takes time and feedback/cooperation from both sides to succeed. For the custom room designs, once we begin, the entire process usually takes about 10-14 business days. For interior and exterior color palettes, you'll get your first round of renderings/color choices the day you are scheduled, and sometimes I nail it ; ) And sometimes some back and forth is required. For KITCHENS/BATHROOM packages, the process can take a bit longer as I highly recommend getting samples of the items we select along the way so you can see them in person and know they are perfect for what you need. So, all this to say...e-design is not instant design ; )

What is the download I'm receiving, I wanted a custom design?

For all the packages you will receive a DOWNLOADABLE QUESTIONNAIRE upon purchase. This is how you get the personalized information about your project to me : ) It will walk you through everything I need on my end and you can tell me all the details and preferences you might have. You will return it to me via EMAIL (not through Etsy please) and then I'll get you on the schedule. If you have trouble finding the download, just let me know and I can also email it to you : )

What are the expedite option?

I can sometimes be booked out as much as 3 weeks, so I do have 2 expedite options. Regular Expedite is +$25 and Super Expedite is +$50.  If your project has a short timeline, please contact me before purchase to see what dates are available.  Please note, this just moves your start date up, it does not shorten the process as a whole. 

Can you work with any budget?

FOR SURE! I am a specialist at AFFORDABLE design, which is actually trickier than working with a large budget. I pride myself on being able to source amazing products for less! However, I can also work with larger budgets. And, if you have specific stores you like or know you want a specific piece from a certain store, just let me know and we can work that into your custom e-design with no problem!

Color Accuracy
Please note color accuracy depends on the quality of your graphics card and your monitor/device color settings, so I do HIGHLY recommend trying any suggested paint colors in person, in natural light before pulling the trigger.  
Please don't GHOST me

Please understand that if I don't hear from you for more than 30 consecutive days your project, whatever it is, will be considered CLOSED with no refund. Due to the nature of the design process, stopping for long periods of time makes it very hard to pick back up again. Continued communication is expected throughout the duration of your project. THANKS!

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Interior design is not my thing and this process made it slick and easy. Becca is a great communicator

William Wiley

What a cool service! I've been paralyzed making a decision on flooring and Becca was able to help me decide very quickly and easily. Highly recommend and will use again!

Nancy Lord


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