Fairy and Mermaid Lanterns


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One of favorite childhood memories was catching fireflies in a jar and going to sleep with their flickering glow on my nightstand. These fairy lanterns are a magical version that can glow year round and not just on summer nights.

Each fairy lantern is handmade and a one-of-a-kind. All lanterns include a battery powered, LED tea light candle and a regular tea light candle. They also come with a little card that says; 'A lantern to carry, that has a little fairy, to make you merry.'

Please message me with what color you want.

Jars are 2.5" in diameter and about 6" tall with the handle.

Do not keep outside. Can be used outside for a party or something, but will not hold up to weather exposure.

Each jar is one of kind and no two are alike. As they sell, I will continue to make more.


Broadview, IL
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I am ManxMargie. Manx are the people from the Isle of Man, where my ancestors are from. The symbol of the Isle is three armoured legs. I used this an inspiration for my logo that incorporates my passions of sci fi, fantasy and gaming.

How it’s Made

I start with a blank mason jar and add a vinyl fairy silhouette. Next, the outside of the jar is coated in homemade decoupage, tissue and glitter. The handle is made from jewelry chain. The jar lid is decorated with ribbon, faux flowers, a pearl/gem and glitter glue. Lastly a charm added.

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More From This Maker

Broadview, IL
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Broadview, IL
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