Flower Page Holder

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About this Product

Used to hold your books with ease for hours of easy reading! Hold with your thumb to keep pages open with one hand.

(Price adjusted for uneven finish)

Resin care instructions: Please keep out of direct sunlight and extreme heat. This may cause the item to warp or the colors to fade. Should this occur, place the item on a cool, flat surface and it should maintain it's shape. Resin pieces can be cleaned with mild soap and water using a soft cloth (avoid cleaning with rubbing alcohol to avoid discoloration). Please do not use anything abrasive to clean, as this may scratch the item. Items will not be refunded if damaged when disregarding care instructions.

Disclaimer: Every piece is handmade, which means imperfections like bubbles or scratching can occur. It is proof that each item is unique and created with love. Prices are often adjusted to reflect if the item is useable but does not meet my personal quality standards. Thank you for your support, and I hope you love your item!

Glenpuddle's Goods

Raytown, MO

Meet the Maker

Hello! I'm a hoarder of crafts and hobbies, and have really taken to Resin Art. My passion is creating custom dice based on original D&D characters. All my dice are made with love and blessed by my darling son. My shop is named after my dearest D&D character, Halona Glenpuddle, a Halfling Barbarian. I hope my dice bring you luck and my trinkets bring you joy!