fountain, iced over-- long teal blue chunky beaded necklace-- handmade by thebeadedlily

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A fantastic and romantic piece of art-to-wear!
Fountain, iced over is long and bold in shape and texture, and features a blend of cool and subtle blues and beads from exotic locales.

Fountain, iced over features:

artisan lampwork from Lara Lutrick- Rainbow Cylinder
japanese glass- Raku and Salmon
indonesian glass- a gorgeous waxy teal and two styles of recycled glass- faceted coke bottle and a rare cadet blue round
lapis lazuli- rich, dark rondelles with pyrite skittering across the surface
winter garden jasper- mauvy-purple, dark reddish brown and green
aqua terra jasper- tan banded teal
teal green fluorite- brilliant color and shine
rainbow fluorite- fabulous matte nugget
ruby- genuine and deep rose
lotus seed- brown speckled ivory
old copper heishi
copper dipped and verdigrised grecian clay
porcelain- robin's egg blue with beige matrix- found in Cairo
sodalite- some of the prettiest I've seen
rhodochrosite-- large dark mauve polished chunk
brass- old Yoruba trade drop bead
professional quality beading cable


The easy to use, secure and lovely hook clasp is handmade (by me) bronze wire.

37" (94cm) to bottom of pendant


Orangeburg, SC
Connect to the thread of artistic personal adornment anchored in humanity's origins with thebeadedlily's colorful, inspired collection of handcrafted…
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I'm a self-taught artist from the Deep South near Savannah Georgia and I currently reside in South Carolina. When I'm not working I'm reading. Or maybe gaming. I came by that late, but I do love to game. Whatever I'm doing I carry with me a love of the art of personal adornment, a fascination with its history and an anticipation of its future.

I fell in love with beads during a crisis. The beadbox was therapy and since then I've made this my full-time job and branched from strung pieces into beadweaving and wire-working. I'm ever intrigued by what adornment evokes in us and says about us.

I believe:
Conformity and uniformity are overrated.
Less is less.
The individual and ornamental has inherent value.

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PLEASE NOTE: Anything that fits in a piercing ships in transparent sealed plastic. Anything shipped in a seal is not in original condition once the seal is broken. I only process exchanges on these items while the seal is intact. If you think the size isn't going to work for you and you need a exchange please don't break the seal.
PLEASE contact me before shipping items back. I will not process exchanges if I am not contacted. I will not process exchanges for damaged or worn items or items removed from the seal they're shipped in.


As long as your item hasn't shipped I'll gladly cancel it. Once it's in the mail it becomes a return as opposed to a cancellation.

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Sizing details-- Gauges

The thinnest gauge I work with is 28g and is almost threadlike.
26g and 24g which are also very delicate.
22g and 20g are about the size of most earring post or hoops that you would find in a typical jewelry display.
18g is slightly thicker and what we're normally pierced with. It may be uncomfortably snug in an ear lobe for just a bit. It's used for cartilage piercings and nostril jewelry.
16g is the beginning of gauged jewelry and fairly typical for cart and nose piercings.
14g is often purchased for septums and statement pieces.
I also often have 12g and 10g in stock. Thicker gauges may be available via special order.

Your piercer can tell you your gauge if you're unsure.

Sizing details-- Hoop Diameters

The most popular inner diameters for nose hoops, helix or cartilage, tragus and rook rings are 8mm, 9mm and 10mm.

Conch rings start at 10mm id.

Measure three times or get help, preferably using a millimeter ruler, for accuracy. Measure a piece of jewelry that fits well, from inner wall to inner wall across the widest point. Or measure the distance from your piercing to the edge of the relevant body part. For a looser fit add a millimeter.

Loose is better than tight, which can hurt. I can size your jewelry down for the cost of shipping if your hoop is too large, but I can't do much about jewelry that is too snug.

Here's an online ruler:


14k Gold:
yellow, white or pink
58.3% gold, 41.7% alloy

Gold Fill:
yellow or pink
tube of 14k gold filled with base metal
low cost alternative to solid gold
high quality alternative to plated metals

Niobium and Titanium:
gunmetal or white, respectively
nonalloyed, pure, hypoallergenic
perfect for extreme metal allergies

Sterling Silver:
bright white
92.5% silver, 7.5% alloy-- usually copper
oxidizes, polishes up quickly with baking soda scrub

warm red orange
nonalloyed, pure
patinas, cleans up nicely with acids like lemon juice or vinegar

copper and zinc alloy
patinas, cleans up nicely with acids like lemon juice or vinegar

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