Frankenstein Bird Feeder Wine Bottle Decor


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Upcycled wine bottle made into a Halloween decor, Frankenstein bird feeder; wine bottle decor

My Painted Crafts

North Charleston, SC Upcycling items such as wine bottles with a Hydrodip paint technique. Also dabbling in bottle cap art and…
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When the SAG actors went on strike in July 2023, it put me out of a job. With all the time in the world on my hands, I started painting…you name it, bedrooms, doors, living room, etc. When I ran out of parts of the house to paint, I moved on to the recycle bin LOL. I began upcycling wine bottles, repurposing them into home decor such as wind chimes and planters. I use a technique with spray paint called hydro dipping. I hydro dip other items as well such soap dispensers, picture frames, flower pots, pet products, etc. The list is endless. I began doing craft shows and thought I’d dabble in online sales. I named my little hobby company My Painted Crafts.