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Holey Hiker Backpacking Bidet Super Cool Clear looks just like a diamond, a really cheap diamond, maybe more like cubic zirconia. Don't trust the photo, in your hand the bidet has the hue of an antique diamond but it is still super cool looking and will impress all your friends who poop in the woods. It is for the backpacker who wants to propose to their mate on the trail but doesn't want follow the conventional path of using a blood diamond. All you love birds need to buy two and after exchanging vows, hand a Holey Hiker Backpacking Super Cool Clear Bidet to one another. If you are hiking solo, you can still use it by making a vow to leave the wilderness toilet paper free. Repeat after me:

" I (state your name), from this day forward,
take this bidet to be my faithfully trusted piece of gear,
to own and to hold, through thick and thin poops,
to be used daily in the woods away from a trail, and at least 150' away from water,
until death or chronic constipation do us apart."

I am writing this on 12/11/21....honestly I did not think I would sell any of these.  I just included them because I really like the look of it.  I mean come on who orders a "clear" bidet? To my surprise, it is one of the most popular colors :) It really is super cool!

Here comes the product description that is repeated on every page.  If you read it once, that is enough. Actually, just read the first line because that will tell you what the bidet is made from.  And come to think of it, skip down to the bottom and read a real quote from a real Holey Hiker Bidet tester.

This Bidet is made from "ABS-like resin" which can take more pounding than an average backpacker would ever dish out. Click here to see one of our many strength tests. This is the strongest of the Holey Hiker Bidets and the one you want to face the apocalypse with. If you are a prepper, this belongs next to your dog in the back of your truck as you flee the city for your cabin hidden in the woods. Please note that the bidet does not come with a painted arrow. A Sharpie will last multiple trips, but your favorite nail polish will last a long, long time. The Squirt weighs 7g or .24 oz.  Price includes shipping and handling.

Until you get the hang of it, wet the o-rings before placing into your bottle!

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Here is what a tester had to say:

"Wash your butt. It’s only weird the first time or two and then you’re like, 'Why didn’t I start doing this years ago' Seriously. Wash your butt already." Phillip P

Holey Hiker Backpacking Bidets are lovingly designed and 3D printed in the USA in a tiny little room in my house.  It is made from "ABS-like resin" which can take more pounding than an average backpacker would ever dish out. Click here to see one of our many strength tests.  The O-rings are FDA grade seals.  These are more commonly called “food grade seals” which resist the build-up of bacteria.  I tried those...they will quickly degrade and crack :) Each bidet weighs approximately 7g. Because they are made from resin, you can not leave them in sunlight for prolonged periods of time. So you can't hang it from your rear view mirror, store it outside on your deck, or hand it outside your backpack on your year long thru hike :)  That said, after leaving some out for 5 straight sunny days this summer we did not notice any additional weakness in our "rock meets bidet" testing. Please keep in mind that these re not pressed by the 1000's in a factory.  I make them at my house which means each bidet is unique and might have a small quirk, a small indent, a little spot where I sanded down a rough patch, which does not take away from the beauty of the four hole spray.

Hello and welcome to Holey Hiker Bidets! I'm Paul Bogush the designer, creator, lead tester, and CEO (Chief Elimination Officer) of Holey Hiker Backpacking Bidets.  After using a few other bidets I realized that not one had all the features I was looking for.  None had the right combination of durability, ease of use, low water usage, and the perfect stream.  I decided to start designing and testing my own.  Each time I went out I made a small change and then came home and fired up the 3D printer to make the improvements based on my experience and the experiences and feedback from testers all around the country. After one last outing on the Appalachian Trail in June of 2020, I had what I thought was the perfect backpacking bidet...but a tester had it eventually crack after long term testing.  After another year of prototyping and experimenting with different plastics the final prototype was finally made in July of 2021 and sales to our waiting list and anyone who happen to stumble upon the website began. Our "grand opening" finally occurred on November 19, 2021.

For every 265 bidets sold we will donate $265 to Common Ground Summer Camp for one student to attend Common Ground Summer Camp's Ranger program (2021 price, not sure of price for 2022 yet!). You can read more about the program here  As of November 30, 2021 we have sold 291. This is a Camp that our daughter has attended as a child, worked at as a staff member, and will be a teacher and assistant teacher in two of their full year programs starting this fall.  We think it is great!

We are the only seller of the Holey Hiker Backpacking Bidet.  All other sites are selling imitations!  Holey Hiker Bidets are designed and manufactured in a little corner of my house in Connecticut, USA.  

And finally, if I haven't convinced you that a bidet is life changing, then listen to Evan!

"Just get one and thank me later. Honestly, I am amazed I have not heard more about bidets for backpacking. I used Paul's bidet for just over 3 weeks while on the Colorado trail and I have to tell you my butt has never been happier. In the past I have had monkey butt issues, but using this little bidet and a little bit of washing with some Dr Bronner's, I did not have any butt chaffing issues at all. It's small light and has officially replaced wet wipes in my pack. I also cut my toilet paper usage to about 2 squares per day using this bidet. Paul has been working to perfect his product and I think he nailed it. This bidet is going to be in my pack forever, provided I don't lose it. (Seriously it's small). Once you hop on the bidet train there is no going back and you're going to say to yourself, 'I should have bought one of these sooner.' Trust me."


If your bidet malfunctions or gets destroyed by a bear, we will give you a full refund or a new bidet.  If you just have bad aim that's on you!  We package the bidets the weekend after receiving the order and get them in the mail the following Monday. You will be sent a confirmation email with the shipping # after it is packed. If we are out backpacking shipments will be delayed by one week...unless we get lost, but that rarely happens anymore!

Please keep in mind that you will receive no cutesy note or extra packing material to cut down on waste. You will get just a bidet in a little bag :) 

PLEASE be patient with shipping. We can ship a bidet to California in 5 days one week, and then ship one the following week that will take a month.  Around holiday time all bets are off :) If you do not order by December 15th there is a very good chance you will not receive it in time for the holidays. Sometimes when the USPS takes our packages they scan them in immediately and other times the first scan is at your regional PO. If you do not receive a bidet within 4 weeks of ordering please contact us and we will ship out a new one.  Ignore the 3-5 day shipping time that is stated in the automated email with your shipping #.  That is just a very loose USPS goal.  Expect the bidet to take at least 5 days, usually seven.  Once you get an email saying we have created the shipping label it is usually in the mail the NEXT day. Approximately 1-2% of all packages are lost by the USPS. That is out of our control and sending a new one after four weeks is the best we can do!

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