Girls Roses hand painted step stool, Baby gifts, Personalized free

4–6 Weeks to create and ship . FedEx 3-4 days delivery.

About this Product

Child Baby Toddler Adult Teens Custom made Step Stools. Bedside, Bathrooms, Sinks, Closet, and kitchen.

You can show me your decor to hand paint to match, Please ask me.

14" wide 12" Deep 10 1/2 inches tall.

Wooden Poly SEALED and created, built and painted one at a time by us.

Please know you are getting a 100% truly hand made and hand painted, American product .

No decals, NO MDF or composite woods.

We work every day and in the order it's received.. Status checks are timely stops.

Check your emails closer to your time estimate. I may need painting help OR approval, before shipping.

NO READY SHIP STOCK~~~~ALL Custom Made in the order received

Please remember these are all hand made which means they take time....please be mindful of processing times, which are on your receipt and in the listing. It is an estimate only,

Because each piece is Custom handmade made to your specific order request and an artistic hand painted product, only for you, there are NO refunds. You must pay for any shipping either way.

Spoilt Rottn

Our products are totally hand built and hand painted by 2 people. This is our 48th year, solely, doing this. It is our passion, our love, and our commitment to create something you will keep forever. Our creation time is a bit long, but that is because we create it all with no employees. We will ship sooner if we can and in the order received.
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Meet the Maker

We are 68 years old, making our furniture for 48 years now. We love what we do, and do what we love. We have always built and hand painted every thing we do. It makes us feel good. I know it's odd that after all this time that we are still doing this with no employees. Satisfaction that we did it and customers love it.

Connie and Lance

How it’s Made

Our stools Toy Boxes and tables are all cut out, sanded putty repeat many times then 5 layers of primer and 3 coats of latex white paint. Then on to me to hand paint it your way or as shown that others have ordered. ALL wood, POLY sealed for top protection. Safety hinges are the best that can be bought, STAYS PUT, NO SLAM.

Shop Policies

Our products are ALL custom-made. Custom-built and painted one at a time. Nothing is prebuilt or ready to ship. We cannot refund or cancel the order, as the process has begun in the order received.

If you have questions please contact us for changes such as shipping address or personalization has changed.

Connie and Lance

Spoilt Rottn 48 years, doing what we love.