Grounding Orgone Pendant

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About this Product

Mahogany obsidian chips, copper coil and metal with ground quartz, mica and selenite. Very grounding and protective. On 18 inch faux leather cord.

The Beach Mystic

Myrtle Beach,

Meet the Maker

Hi there! I’m Linda Anne aka The Beach Mystic. I started working with resin in 2022 to learn how to make orgone generators aka orgonite. Orgonite is a metaphysical tool consisting of metals and crystals/quartz in resin and are believed to protect transmute negative energies from electronics, dirty electricity and in general to positive energy (known as orgone). 

I enjoy working with resin and expanded my craft into making household items that are both decorative and functional. I sometimes collaborate with other local crafters and small businesses for supplies and to assist placing pieces in macrame.

Orgonites appeals to both my metaphysical and crafty sides while incorporating sound therapy, color therapy and crystals therapy.  I consciously source my materials meaning ethically sourced as much as possible…especially for the main ingredients of crystals, metals snd resin.

I also enjoy origami, painting, scrapbooking (digital and physical) and photography. Prior to focusing on my resin work, I made beaded items and worked with polymer clay.

Follow me on my Facebook page: The Beach Mystic, Facebook Group: The Beach Mystic Community and Instagram @thebeachmystic for more about orgonites, the creative process and ways to elevate your frequency. Visit my TikTok  (also @thebeachmystic) for content about orgonites, my dog Poochie and my life’s adventures.

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Shop Policies

All my products are handcrafted one at a time. It is therefore very rare to create identical items. There may be natural blemishes/ variations that are not product flaws. Such variations are inherent in the creation of handmade products, so you may expect minor distinctions such as a few bubbles, divots, lines and other characteristics that make your product unique. Sometimes notable flaws occur but the product is still sellable. When this happens, I will note this on the product description and in photos and list the product at a discounted price.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES WILL BE GIVEN with the exception of goods that arrive damaged. Should you receive an item that is damaged, please notify me within 24 hours of receipt to arrange for a return and refund or exchange.

Caring for your resin product:

Resin is quite durable but can become damaged by heat. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not place anything that is too hot to touch on or close to your item(s). While excessive heat will cause visual flaws to orgone generators, it will not affect their function. They can be cleaned with and submerged in water and wiped down with a soft cloth. Please do not use any harsh solvents, soaps, or chemicals and please do not scrub with abrasive sponges/clothes/cleaners. 

Even non yellowing resin will yellow under prolonged UV exposure. Therefore it is recommended you do not keep your train creation in direct sunlight.

Do not store food in or on your resin. While there’s differing theories about “food safe” resin, I tend to err on the side of caution and recommend you do not place anything you plan to ingest in direct contact with your resin creation.

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