Hand dyed bundle of plum, purple, blue violet - 21 pieces - 7 colors x 3 step gradient, available as fat eighths or fat quarters

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Fabric is dyed to order. Production time is 2 weeks. If items are in stock they will ship faster. 

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Hand dyed graduation from plum through violet to purple, and blue violet. 7 colors in 3 values = 21 piece bundle. This would be lovely just cut into squares and sewed together - the colors do all the work! Highly textured semi-solids play well together as the colors all blend. The blended colors and high texture make it suitable for multiple quilting projects, from traditional quilts to modern quilts and art quilts. Fabric would look great just sewn up in squares, The color play is very pleasing. Fabric has a thread count of approximately 76-78 and is suitable for hand embroidery as well as machine quilting. Fabric is fusible ready. 

Listing specifications:
Fat quarter pack: each piece is approximately 18x21, 21 pieces total
Fat eighth pack: each piece is approximately 9x21 inches, 21 pieces total
Fabric is 100% cotton

Want a custom version of this listing? Send me a message. All steps of this shade range are available as individual fat quarters, or mix and match with the shade levels you need. It can be difficult to determine the exact color of the fabric due to monitor settings. If you have fabric you want to match I will be happy to try to work with you to find the shade you need.

Each piece of fabric has been dyed with my own recipe of Procion MX dyes, and washed according to the manufacturer's instructions. After multiple hot washes to remove the excess dye, each piece is steam ironed on white muslin to check for color fastness under normal piecing or fusing conditions. Cold wash recommended. Use of a color catcher is advised if using a hot wash. 

Time Frame:
Fabric is custom dyed upon ordering. Store policy is 2 week production time prior to shipping. Rush orders cannot be accepted. If fabric is in stock it will ship sooner.


My passion for color and quilting gave rise to Color Connexion, home of 100% cotton hand dyed  fabric, suitable for quilting and crafting. I spend far too much time playing with fabric and dye, and too little time quilting, but it's a good problem to have! Retired from the rat race, I now hang out with the rainbow daily. My fabrics mostly find their way into quilts, but they have also been used for cosplay costumes, dance costumes, and sculptures! I am always amazed by the fabulous and creative ways people use my fabric!

My regular offerings are muslin gradients in a range of values of the same color. These are perfect for bargello and modern quilt projects. In my Colorwash gradients I let colors out to play together; they blend, swirl and make new secondary colors. These work well in a wide range of applications as each piece has multiple color ranges. Stash packs offer unique sets of coordinating fabrics. I also offer small packs for applique projects. When I have time I make arashi shibori and ice dyed fabric, as well as tie dyed fat quarters. Sign up for infrequent newsletters to get the scoop on sales and special offers. 

All fabrics are dyed with Procion MX dyes because these dyes bond with the fabric, unlike fabric paints. Fabric looks vibrant year after year. Fabric goes through multiple hot washes to remove unbonded dye so fabric is colorfast in cold water. Fabric comes to you preshrunk and ready to accept any iron on interfacing, without the interference of finishes or sizing. 

Housekeeping details:
Orders can take up to 2 weeks to process as stepped gradients are dyed to order. Stash packs and colorwash gradients ship within a week.
No rush orders. I want your fabric to be colorfast and so do you! That takes time.
All shipping is via USPS. 
If you have an issue with an order please contact me so we can reach a mutually satisfactory resolution.
Reviews are very helpful to online sellers, so if you could take time to leave a review that would be much appreciated.


1. Does the fabric fade?

I use Procion MX dyes which bond with the fabric and do not fade. However, all fabric will fade if constantly exposed to direct sunlight.

2. How do I wash hand dyed fabric? 

Your fabric is preshrunk due to the multiple hot washes it has gone through to remove the excess dye. Fabric is colorfast in a cold wash. If you use hot water, a colorcatcher is recommended. 

3. Do you offer discounts?

Sign up for my (infrequent) newsletter at colorconnexion@gmail.com to hear the latest about sales and special offers. 

4. Do you smoke?


5. Do you have pets?

Yes, I have 2 cats. All outgoing fabric is given a final wash before being packaged.

6. Do you use scented detergent?

I am aware that some people have allergies. I do not use scented detergents, or fabric softener sheets on my hand dyed fabric.

7. Do you use American made fabric?

Stepped gradients are dyed on cotton produced in the US. Stash packs are a mixed bag and colorwash gradients are dyed on fabric sourced from outside the US. 

8. Do you make all the fabric yourself?

I do, and I have the callouses to prove it...

9. Do you accept returns? 

Only under very, very unusual conditions, and there is a $10 restocking fee. 

10. Do you do custom orders?

I do. I am happy to work with customers to try to bring their vision to life!