Hand Painted Gold Lace Wedding or Bat Mitzvah Tambourine 10' inch MADE TO ORDER

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Hand Painted Gold Lace Wedding or Bat Mitzvah Tambourine 10' inch MADE TO ORDER

My tambourine art painted are considered to be the best and has the world market on the most unique Jewish art in the world. My artwork is highly prized by both art and music
collectors around the world and graces many Jewish homes and institutions on three continents.

Wedding or Bat Mitzvah Tambourine Gold Lace LACE is 10 inch and can be personalized also.

Make some noise for the newlyweds! Great as a wedding favor,
spicing up the dance floor or, as an alternative to a send off for the NEWLYWEDS.

Beautiful Tambourines, each hand-painted by Rivka
Sari. Tambourines are solid wood shells, cutting jingles, round-shaped grip, and gently curved edges.
Features real, traditionally mounted, calf-skin heads.
These are handmade tambourines from the Middle East and not machine manufactured. This means you can see the raw natural beauty of the wood and skin.

See full video with this beautiful tam featured 

Both back and front are treated to maintain strength of Painted head. Do not smack Tambourine roughly or hard. The Tambourine is a instrument that must be treated with respect.'

THIS IS A MADE ORDER ITEM. Request PERSONALIZATION Just message me with request


- Use only high-quality Acrylic, watercolors, and pastel paints. Hand-painted Tambourine is always made with the highest kavanna and lishma (intention), water-based ink calligraphy, beautiful lace, or silk or satin ribbons attached to the wooden frame. Sometimes we use 24kt gold in texts or designs which is reflected in the cost.

Have a special request or want a quantity of these? Message me

Rivka Sari Art

Chesapeake, VA

Meet the Maker

Established Jewish Artist for 30-plus years. Mom of three great humans. Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and bringing in "Geula Now" by Creating Beautiful Art and Healing with Moshiach Energy.

I have a passion to create with paint tambourines or upcycling items for use or home decor.
I love buying luscious fabrics and spin raw flax, cotton, and hemp.

The texture of the skin of tambourines and drums makes things interesting and difficult at the same time. You have to learn to work with the surface. I let it take me where it likes and usually tells me what will work. 

For this reason, my pieces are imperfect but amazing. I don't intend for them to look like a computer or mass-generated printed item. Each piece is an original.

Every item in my store is handmade with love and passion and with complete Kavanna (concentration) of hiddur mitzvah.

I also design weave linen and sew tallits, working with Dupioni silks, linens, and cottons. Each tallit made is one of a kind and always have a few tallitot already made, and can usually make a custom tallit in about two weeks.

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Bringing in Geula Now by Creating with Moshiach Energy

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