Handmade Hypertufa Planter with Crumbling Stucco and Brick Design

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Handmade hypertufa planter with crumbled stucco and brick look. The brick is hand-carved into the planter walls and painted with orange/sienna acrylic paint. The pseudo rock hypertufa has a similar color and appearance to stucco. The pot has been cured in vinegar to ensure a healthy pH balance for your plants.

Hypertufa is made with Portland cement, sphagnum moss, and vermiculite. After curing for several weeks/months, the material resembles rock.  The finished product is sturdy like cement but weighs about 1/3 as much. This planter has 1-inch thick walls to make it durable indoors or out. Hypertufa is porous (similar to terra cotta) and allows plants to breathe. The pot can withstand freezing although it is advised to protect it during freeze-thaw weather.

Pot size: The largest diameter at the rim is 6.25 inches, and the depth is 6 inches.

Art from the Hartt

Montrose, CO
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I am so excited to find GoImagine because it is an excellent match for the mission of my business - handmade art that inspires human well-being. I am a retired nurse-midwife and nursing educator who has studied positive psychology and human well-being for the past 2 decades. Creativity is one of my top strengths, so for my next chapter, I created a business (Art from the Hartt) that would use my creativity every day! And, in the spirit of true happiness, it is exciting to be part of a market that donates to help children. Giving is good for the well-being of both giver and receiver.

My specialties include: hypertufa and cement art (including planters), handpainted tile clocks, painted terra cotta pots, wall art from original artwork, photography, and note/greeting cards. I live in Colorado with my 3 best friends (rescue dogs) and love to explore the outdoors.

If you have questions on any of my listings or would like a special order, please reach out. I look forward to helping to match you with art to inspire your wellbeing.  Please visit my website www.artfromthehartt.com

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How it’s Made

Hypertufa is a durable, porous material that is made of a mixture of cement, sphagnum moss, and either vermiculite or perlite. This piece uses vermiculate. Water is added and the mixture has a mud-like consistency. That is molded into a pot shape (I used plastic planters for this piece). After 24 hours of curing, the item is removed from the plastic cure sack, and the design of the brick is hand-carved into the planter. It is then returned to the cure sack (a plastic bag) and allowed time to cure. After 2-3 weeks, my planters receive additional curing time in a bath with a dilute vinegar solution. This helps neutralize the pH so that plants can thrive. The pots spend approximately 1 week in the solution. If I am not ready to paint, they are returned to the cure sack for additional time. I dry the pot thoroughly and paint it with acrylic paint to add colorful highlights to the rustic appearance.