Handmade Pink Lemonade Soap


About this Product

Sweet, Tangy, and cute handmade soap. Not only is this soap look and smell delicious, but it has great skin healing properties.

Packed with vitamin E, C and A. This soap keeps your skin moisturized while clean. Helps aid aging skin, eczema, dry skin, and repairs.

This fun soap features a plastic straw(only for aesthetics), lemon wedges, and ice cubes all made from soap. ***Remove straw before use.

This is a 4-5oz bar of soap.

Main Ingredients: Goat milk, glycerin, coconut oil, vitamin e, mica, and fragrance.  Full list on product.

Southern Steel Dreams

Plano, TX
Hi, Im new here but Im not new to the handmade business. I believe in Custom order so if you see something you want made and I don't have an example of it, or listing ,message me, I can get it done.
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