Handspun Alpaca Yarn - Butterfinger's Beautiful Beige


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This is a beautiful beige handspun 100% alpaca yarn. The alpaca was raised in the U.S. and the fiber for the yarn was processed completely by hand right here on our farm. Each 2-ply skein requires hours of active labor. It all starts when shearing time comes around each spring (no it does not hurt them, in fact they are relieved to lose pounds of fiber and feel the cool spring breeze!). Next the fiber from each individual animal is examined and sorted into what it can best be used for, only the best gets to become our yarn so you that you can always make your best items. The next step is washing: a few ounces at a time are washed by hand and laid out to dry. Next it goes to the carder where we hand crank about 2 ounces at a time through the carder a minimum of three times before finally pulling it off into a roving and weighed out to be spun into 1 ply of the final 2-ply yarn. After spinning is complete the yarn is organized onto a niddy-noddy to be washed and set before being measured out and being made into a skein for you. 

Each skein is approximately 3 ounces and a minimum of 115 yards. Due to the nature of handmade yarn, there may be some variations throughout the skein that will help make your final product truly unique.

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