"Hello My Name Is" Birth Announcement

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About this Product

You’ve seen them, the adorable wooden signs that people announce the birth of their baby with. What makes ours different? they are in color and you don’t have to hand write the birth stats!

Style Options:

  • Partial: you want the partially put together sign and all you need to do is add the date, time, weight, and height when the little one has arrived! (don’t worry, we will give you detailed instructions and extra pieces incase you mess up!)
  • Complete: you are purchasing after the baby has come and would like us to fully assemble the sign.
  • None: you’d prefer the sign without the birth stats.
  • It’s A Surprise!: When Eloise was on the way, we opted not to find out the birth gender and had a completely different name for a boy. If this is you as well or if you can’t decide between two names, we can send you both names to take with you to the hospital. (This option comes partially assembled)

Text Options (First/Middle,Last):

  • Script/Sans
  • Sans/Script

Letter Finish:

  • Painted Wood: Our preferred finish, as it is more forgiving to last the test of time and blends better with the base.
  • Acrylic: Brings an extra little shine and whimsy to the look, keep in mind acrylic can scratch easy and show all dirt and finger prints. (we will provide a cloth to help with the cleaning)

Color Options:

Two Shades available for the following colors

  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Teal
  • Blue
  • Purple

As always, If you don’t see a color or style you like please contact us and we can work towards a custom solution!

Dimensions: 10”x 6.67” x .25” (the letters raise up an additional .125”)

the west coast kraeers

Santa Monica, CA

Meet the Maker

I am Shelana and together with my amazing husband Kevin we make the west coast kraeers! While planning our wedding we were frantically looking for the perfect design elements and nothing seemed quite right. After days spent scouring the internet for the perfect design, I was on the verge of tears when it dawned on me...I was engaged to a graphic designer! An hour after handing him a poorly scribbled idea on a piece of scratch paper, Kevin created exactly what I was looking for. I just needed to polish it up a little bit to take it over the edge, which is where our tagline Made With Love (from Kevin) and a Bit of Black Girl Magic (from me) comes from! The handcrafted touch of our wedding made it a memorable night for everyone involved and was featured (more because of the brilliant photography of Rachel Stelter) on the Martha Stewart Weddings blog! During the pandemic (booo) I started increasing the scope of what I could make and I am coming up with new things every day.

We live in Santa Monica, California with our adorable miniature pincher Chase Muttley, a wonderful but equally cranky teenager Tristan, and our cutest collaboration to date a little baby Eloise. 

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