High D Tin Whistle by HHFI - Tunable Brass Session Model

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Hermit Hill Folk Instruments Brass Session High D Whistle (tunable)

Machined from a heavier wall brass tubing these whistles offer a durable and sleek design with the more distinctive tone found in metal construction whistles. It is tuned in the key of D and features the extended foot joint style to help improve the strength and stability of the lowest notes on the whistle. It comes with a felt case sewn on a vintage 1917 Singer model 127 treadle sewing machine.

All whistles and cases are hand made here in the USA by Hermit Hill Folk Instruments from domestically sourced materials (where possible).

Hermit Hill Folk Instruments

Bethel Springs, TN

Meet the Maker

I first began making pennywhistles in 2010 to make my father something special for Christmas that wouldn't be so much of a strain on his fingers compared to his alto recorder. I had scoured the internet and came across numerous guides for making penny whistles from copper and pvc plumbing pipes and fittings, but I really wanted something a little fancier so I set out to make a whistle from wood. This began the long, and at times grueling, process of teaching myself wood turning and machining to make the instrument and the even longer road towards being able to actually play it. Two years down the line Hermit Hill Folk Instruments was born.

Established in December of 2012, HHFI started out its life with a simple introductory line of one-piece non-tunable pennywhistles in the key of D made from domestic hardwoods. In time this grew to include new materials such as exotic hardwoods and Delrin, two-piece tunable versions of the original whistles, completely new metal and hybrid model whistles, and of course additional keys. I also began offering Celtic knot engravings and a custom line of hardwood presentation cases. A great deal of time, effort, and capital have been invested in my endeavors to offer premium quality instruments at a reasonable price.

More recently HHFI has begun expanding into the realms of hand crafted jewelry from what similarly began as hand crafted gifts for family and friends at Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions. It has grown into another branch of the business by popular demand.

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How it’s Made

The brass session whistles are constructed from heavy wall brass tubing solid Delrin rod stock that has been cut, drilled, reamed, and milled to produce the individual components which are then assembled and finished by hand with files, cutters, and other assorted hand tools. The completely assembled whistle is then sanded and buffed up to a high polish.

These whistles can be made in a number of different keys, so if this particular instrument wasn't exactly what you were looking for then please feel free to contact me with any requests.

Shop Policies

On most orders I will accept returns up to two weeks after the delivery date and refund the cost of the order, return shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer. Some exceptions to this would include custom orders where a product would not otherwise be resalable or where obvious signs of tampering are evident. Damage or loss from shipping carriers will be handled on a case by case basis and are generally infrequent.