Hillbilly Hippies Stickers

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Hillbilly Stickers

QTY- 3

Size: 3x3 inches

Shape: Circular

Super Cute Hillbilly Hippies Design perfect for the hippie in your life! These are printed on a very beautiful looking glossy sticker paper. I can also coat them with a sealant that will extend the life of your stickers. I only charge .50 cents for this service. I take very good care of your stickers with the packaging that I provide. I use thick cardboard and a professional looking plastic bag, as well as some cushion for protecting against them getting bent in the mail.

SJ Designs Digital

Jonesville, VA
Welcome to my shop. My name is Shannon I am a digital creator who enjoys making childlike designs that make people happy. I also found that I enjoy…
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Meet the Maker

Hi, my name is Shannon. I have always loved Art and Design.

As a young girl I remember enjoying watching my mother draw pictures for me. When I was in my teens I really enjoyed the outlet from the every day grind. It was my safe place my place to dream and express my feelings. In my twenties I became a young mother. I enjoyed my children and I tried to make time to continue my education in art and design. It was very difficult to keep going because I had several health problems. When my children became grown adults I tried again to continue my education. I found that I did much better in an online setting. I took courses through Shaw Academy and I loved learning again. Since my short term memory is really short I found the videos invaluable for learning.

In 2018, I wrote my first children's book, for my grandchildren. I am currently working on making templates and designs that can inspire makers to create and use their art for tangible products. Never give up on your dreams and continue to inspire those around you! Blessings!

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How it’s Made

This is a digital drawing that I created using several different types of software including Adobe Illustrator.

I use high quality sticker paper and printer to print my designs and I use cricut to cut them out. I can also extend the life of your stickers by offering a protective coating.

Shop Policies

License Agreement

This SVG file is for personal use only.  I will be offering a licensed file in the future.  

Standard License Agreement

Terms of Use

 Below you will find an explanation of the Terms of Use in a Standard License Agreement. Every design comes with a standard license agreement download. 

All images sold or distributed by SJ Designs Digital, throughout the remainder of this notice. All images are hand drawn and/or computer enhanced by SJ Designs Digital.

 When you purchased, downloaded, or received as a gift (even as a free gift) via any other method, you agree to respect the artist’s copyright terms listed below.

A Standard License Agreement includes usage for personal use only.

About the Template:

Each template or design is in SVG Format. You may not sell the template. You may not share, resell, or distribute the template. It cannot be uploaded / shared via Amazon Inspire, hyperlink within curriculum maps, etc. Shannon Johnson retains all copyright to the template images. You may not claim the template as your own. You may not copy my template designs to create your own. You may not use my designs in a product that infringes on another’s copyright or trademark.

Personal Use:

Personal scrapbooking or journals

Personal crafts

gifts for family and friends

Personal party supplies and décor.

These are just a few examples. Just about anything for personal uses is fine.

Returns and Refunds Policy

 My products are computer files, there really is no way to return them.

However, I am more than willing to try and find a way to rectify whatever issue may arise. I will work with customers within 3-5 days of the receipt of the products.

Please check out your purchase when it arrives in your email box, or through the provided link from the site that you purchased it from, and make sure that everything came through ok. Feel free to contact me at creativecouncilsj@gmail.com


All images are owned by SJ Designs Digital. Any violation of the above rules will be prosecuted..

SJ Designs Digital is not responsible for any harm resulting from use and/or downloading images from any site. By opening your files through your email, or provided link, you accept responsibility for any harm done to your property.

SJ Designs Digital reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time without giving you prior notice. Updated 08/01/2023.

How It’s Made:

Retrieve your file from your purchases. Download the file, open it and extract your files.  This design is perfect for Cricut DS. There will be very little "Fixing" of the design.  Upload as normal through cricut and then place into canvas.  You will have to change the perforated lines to score lines to make sure that it doesn't cut. Size images to match as desired & make.

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