HIMALAYAN SALT Eye Pillow, Aromatherapy Weighted Eye Pillow, Himalayan Salt Lavender Eye pillow, Removable Washable Cotton Cover, Gift


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Experience the tranquility of our Eye Pillow, designed to bring balance to your nervous system and promote a calm mind. To unwind and alleviate worries, simply place it gently over your eyes and enjoy the delightful lavender aroma and soothing weighted feel.

At NagihanDesigns, we are committed to ensuring the use of high-quality ingredients and materials, prioritizing safety for our bodies and environmental sustainability. Whenever possible, we aim to source local, wildcrafted, organic, and fair trade ingredients.

A weighted Eye Pillow is a fundamental component of your self-care toolkit. It effectively reduces stress and anxiety, eases tension headaches, and promotes restful sleep. What makes it truly special is the additional benefit of herbal aromatherapy.

Measuring at 4x9 inches, our Eye Pillow is thoughtfully crafted with an inner lining to ensure balanced weight distribution and to preserve the herbal scent. It is generously filled with a blend of dried lavender flowers and flaxseed. Alternatively, you have the option to select an unscented version, filled exclusively with flaxseed.

Convenience is paramount. It includes a 100% cotton cover that can be effortlessly removed and washed. For hand-washing, simply submerge the Eye Pillow in warm or cold water with mild detergent, lay it flat to dry, and, if needed, gently iron it.

You have the flexibility to tailor your therapy experience:

  • For warm therapy, a brief 30-second trip to the microwave is all it takes. We recommend conducting a touch test before applying it to your skin or eyes to ensure it reaches a comfortable temperature. Please exercise caution to avoid overheating.
  • If you prefer cold therapy, seal the pillow in a freezer bag and let it rest in the freezer for at least an hour before use. This provides a refreshing and soothing cold pack that can help alleviate various discomforts.



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Hello There,
My name is Nagihan and I'm the designer behind NagihanDesigns. I am also a proud mother of two beautiful girls. My two daughters, in fact, work with me regarding customer service, photography, and social media. My educational background is in fashion design and Interior Design. I have a Masters Degree in fashion designing.( I love knitting and crocheting) I've always loved designing and making things with my bare hands. I like unique and fashionable items that are both functional and practical.
My inspiration mainly comes from texture and color. I love to play around with these two aspects and using them to have contrast in my products. 
I strongly believe that handmade items, especially those created with natural materials, carry positive energy about them. I would only hope that this positive energy I hope to weave into my every stitch carries to the owners of my products.  
All my products are designed from the start to finish handmade by me, in my pet and smoke-free home studio in Maryland.
I use my own patterns and use a variety of designer fabrics. 
I will be adding items regularly so keep checking for new stuff or sale items.
I hope each bag, case, or any of my designs will make your day special.

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Very well made and arrived super quickly! I loved the Himalayan salt filling. The cherry pit filling wasn't my jam... but my kids liked how light it was, so they are making good use out of it. Will keep you in mind for future purchases!