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from: 08/12/2022 TO: 08/20/2022

Holiday serving set - Grateful, Thankful, Blessed , hand stamped vintage silverware, mixed patterns, hostess gift

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Add a little warmth and grace to your holiday table .. and your everyday table. Because every meal shared with family and friends gives us reason to feel grateful, thankful, and blessed.
Beautiful as a holiday or hostess gift, or as an addition to your own collection. Our hand stamped pieces are all crafted on genuine antique silverplate - meant to last for generations. Each set includes three large serving pieces; a serving spoon, meat fork, and slotted serving spoon. The patterns on the pieces with not be the same as those pictured and will not be the same as each other. Each grouping is hand selected from vintage silver gathered over the years. Together they create a beautiful and eclectic set. Like one acquired through years of family holidays celebrated together ❤️

Each piece is in very good condition and polished to a gift giving beautiful finish -- although each is indeed a vintage piece and may show signs of gentle wear. As always, please care for your antique silver with hand washing.

Please take a moment to browse our shop .. you may just find your next family heirloom.

** ProseAndPolish *

     I was born old .. not in a Benjamin Button sort of a way,  but in a hot tea, old house, wooly sweater sort of a way.   I've always appreciated the craftsmanship and beauty in all things old and loved.   The way old floors creak when you walk on them and old books smell when you open them.  
     Antique silver is of course a favorite.  The thought that these pieces have been here since long before I have.  I wonder at the hands that have held them and the celebrations they have been witness to.  I spend weekends trolling estate sales and antique auctions -- not looking for perfect, just looking for beautiful.   I love them even more when I can find them a bit neglected and take them home to polish them back to beautiful.  It's almost like opening an incredible gift under a simple craft paper wrapping.  
    I have been stamping jewelry for years and only recently thought to stamp silverware.  It is so much more personal and I love that my pieces become quirky valentines, sweet momentos of bigger moments, and family heirlooms.
   It has truly brought my loves of antiquing and crafting to one very happy place for me.... thank you for letting me share it with you !

Returns and exchanges of hand stamped silverware (with the exception of personalized or custom orders) will be accepted up to 10 days after delivery for any reason.  Buyer is responsible for related shipping fees.  Refunds will be issued promptly upon receipt of the return and will cover the item cost only.  Please contact me within 3 days of receiving your order to advise me of the return/exchange - unapproved returns will not be accepted.