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Handmade Calendars & Planners

Why should I buy Handmade Calendars & Planners?

When you purchase a handcrafted calendar or planner, you are investing in a unique piece made by an artisan. Handmade calendars and planners are special gifts for yourself or loved ones; they add a touch of personalized charm that is unparalleled. Unlike mass-produced items, handcrafted calendars and planners come with decorative features such as hand-drawn illustrations, handpicked colors and prints which make them extra special. By supporting local artisans and handcrafted goods, you are making an investment for sustainability and style.

Do Handmade Calendars & Planners make a Good Gift?

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Why not consider a handcrafted calendar or planner! Artisan-made organizers not only make incredible gifts, but are also unique and special. Not only are handcrafted planners and calendars something one can use on a daily basis, they will also continue to serve as an enduring reminder of your thoughtful gesture. A handcrafted piece with personal touches is way to show you care, and something that won't be easily forgotten.

What’s the difference between Handmade vs Mass-Produced Calendars & Planners?

When it comes to calendars and planners, there's no denying that handcrafted can often be more special than mass-produced. You can find the handcrafted touch in artisans’ handcrafted pieces. These products are unique and one of a kind, each having its own personality, something you won't find with mass-produced items. While handcrafted planners and calendars may come with a bit of a higher price tag, for those looking for something more personalized and special, this is a great option. The handcrafted beauty is sure to become a treasured item!

What is the History of Calendars & Planners?

Humans have been counting time since the dawn of civilization, and handcrafted calendars and planners have always been an essential way of doing so. From hand-painted frescoes on ancient sumeric walls to hand-crafted paper calendars and journals, people have used artisan materials for logging their lives. In recent history, the hand-crafted, artesian feel to calendars has only grown, providing a unique connection between the user and Universe around them. Our ancestors always strived to create tools that were as unique and detailed as possible – be it a hand-sewn quilt or a brass clock – constructing a personal bond with craftsmanship, something that still exists today in all manner of hand-made goods.