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Custom wishes spinner ring

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Custom and personalized - Sterling silver spinner meditation ring hand stamped with hearts, dandelion, "wishes" seeds and three words that hopefully will inspire the wearer to focus on their self worth and self esteem.  

I am enough

I believe "I am enough" should be a battle cry for the self esteem movement. 

I wish everyone could say "I am enough" to themselves and then act accordingly - like they're valuable and worthy of love, good things in life, pretty flowers, respect and so much more. Life is too short to live any differently. 

You are worthy and enough. Just as you are. 

First, the main ring was hand stamped with lots of teensy dandelions, hearts and hammered in some texture to put it in the fun zone. 

Then it was formed into a band, soldered and hammered to a round shape. Polished to perfection and tumbled for a few days to smooth out the edges. 

The outer ring was stamped with a dandelion, the 3 most powerful words on the planet "I am enough" in a custom font, and sprinkled with LOTS of tiny dandelion seeds. 

Then both rings tumbled for days to smooth out all the edges. 

We flared the ends of the main ring so that the outer ring spins freely and never comes off. Then polished it again after dipping it in a darkening solution so the color stays in the recesses and stays longer. 

Very very very comfortable! And we're known for SMOOTH rings! So it's super smooth inside!

I never know how each individual ring will look. They all stamp differently. When I strike the stamp on Monday, it will look a bit different than the ring I made last Thursday. Just litle differences that come from making jewelry from scratch! 

These 1/2" wide rings are wider than the average ring. My wedding ring is a 7 1/2 and this 8 1/2 ring was comfortable so keep that in mind. We want our spinner rings to not hurt or hinder your hand if you clench it - nor should it go flying if you shake your hands like you're shaking off water. 

These rings take time to make if the edges are to be flared evenly. It's worth it to be prepared with your wide band ring size. It helps the process. I've been making self esteem jewelry since 2010/2011. I'm the original creator of the "I am enough" spinner ring. 

Any questions? Please convo me! Want a custom ring that looks like this or similar? Convo me! 

Arrives in a gift box, with a hand tied ribbon.

Each ring is cut from sheet, hand stamped, formed and soldered, polished and then set up to be flared so the outer ring can spin but not fall off. 


My name is Linda and I'm a lady silversmith (ladysmith!) based in the Willamette Valley in Oregon!

I specialize in custom self esteem spinner rings, but also make other jewelry as well. 

I love hammering out all the details worth people to figure out what their dream ring is! (See what I did there?!)

*All jewelry is infused with lots of music, fun energy and random hijinks ;)

Welcome to LindaBoBinda's Designs. Everything I make is with my own hands. If you have any questions, please convo me! I love custom and personalized orders so if you see something in my designs and want it tweaked for your own ideas, let me know!

Please read my policies thoroughly, they're long and comprehensive in covering you, and me, valuable during custom orders. 

Please be available when you order custom items. I might have questions on details, thanks for understanding!

Please *** Please *** Please *** Know your wide band ring size PRIOR to ordering. This will save time on both sides! Questions, please convo me! I'm happy to help! 

I hope that you are completely satisfied with your order.

If there's a problem with your order, notify me immediately. 

I no longer offer cancellations after you order. 

At this time we can only offer free shipping in the US. Thank you for understanding! 

I am not responsible for packages that go missing or are damaged in transit. However, I will investigate missing packages and make every attempt to locate it. Please see my shipping policies. Please contact the post office with your tracking number and try to resolve it yourself before contacting me. They always ask me to make sure my customer contacted them first. If you contact me I'll be asking for the location of your local Post Office, the name of the person you spoke with and the phone number. This will ensure clear cut communication. 

There are NO refunds for custom orders on spinner rings. Please please pretty please get sized professionally for wide band ring before you order. They fit much tighter than narrow bands. Again, please get fitted professionally! Please contact me before ordering if you have any questions. 

If there is a "ready to buy" item and you want it in custom, convo me before you purchase the item. I'll send you the link to the custom item. My custom items are priced higher than ready to go items. 

I am pretty ocd about the details because I want to make a good, solid product and I love for my customers to be happy with what I make. Reviews mean a lot to me but customer service and sleeping at night mean more! 

I do not do refunds on any of my custom jewelry when I'm given the wrong size. I don't refund copper jewelry if it turns your fingers green.  Copper turns skin green depending on body chemistry. Sealing the copper with a thin layer of clear fingernail polish carefully will delay the coloring. I can't control body chemistry. 

I no longer repair spinner rings that have been damaged via extreme wear, or when it's been caught in car doors or when the owner tries to repair it themselves.  I will gladly make you another one for the same cost.  

I don't give refunds on rings or other jewelry because they tarnish. When an item is hand stamped, the recessed area is filled with enamel ink which will lighten up over time! 

This is also true of jewelry that has been antiqued - just like color slowly coming out of hair, the high points in jewelry will possibly lose color over time. This is normal and to be expected.  

No returns or exchanges on custom stamped items that don't look 100% like the original listing. Handmade & custom lends itself to imperfections but I do quality control on each item before shipping.  

No earring refunds, exchanges or returns. All earrings are thoroughly inspected prior to shipping quality control. 

Please be sure you're clear on what you want, send pics, sketches and whatever else you like to convey your dream ring! 

I want this to be a positive experience for you! I have a 5 star rating and pride myself on superb customer service. Please contact me if you have any issues!

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