Bizzy Izzy Quilts, LLC

Ferron, Utah
United States

Bizzy Izzy Quilts began in 2021 when owner, Maria Horton, decided to step away from a 10-year teaching career to pursue her dream of being a mom. As an educator, Maria taught middle school students the art of sewing and the endless possibilities those skills could offer.

Wanting to still keep her passion of sewing and quilting alive while raising her children, Maria decided to start making minky blankets and do longarm quilting for friends and family.

Realizing that the same skills and possibilities she taught her students were available to her, Maria created her own business, Bizzy Izzy Quilts. The name came from her students who had a hard time saying her maiden name (Israelsen) and instead resorted to “Izzy”.

Of course, the inspiration to create a business of blankets and quilts comes from the joy and fulfillment Maria experiences with her three little ones as they cuddle up in blankets together as a family and enjoy laughing and making memories together. 

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