The Bad Neighbor Decals

Stoutland, Missouri
United States

Hi, I'm Stephanie, the owner of The Bad Neighbor Decals. I grew up in the redwoods of Northern California and now live by Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Growing up, I loved going to my grandma's house on the weekends where there was always some type of crafting and baking going on. The baking abilities never passed down to me as I just burn everything I touch, but I love crafting and creating things. I fortunately have a husband that cooks really well. We have 4 kids, 2 daughters that are amazing young women and 2 curious boys that keep our days fun and exciting. Thank you for checking out my shop!

Stephanie, the maker at The Bad Neighbor Decals

Love these decals! Great quality and beautifully done. Definitely commissioning some in the near future!
Love them! They are perfect!
Not only did I enjoy getting these decals BUT the seller was amazing! I had an issue with my original order (not seller’s fault) and they replaced them for me! I’m so thankful and so very happy with my stickers ❤️
I loved my sticker, and also the bonus stickers that were included! I didn’t expect it, so it was a nice little surprise that brightened my day a bit. (:
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