The Homespun Loft

Clay, New York
United States

Online I am known mostly for my sewn Pet Products, But I am also am an experienced Quilter and Sewist.

I have been sewing and selling online for my Pet Product Business since 2009 and selling Crafts and Quilts long before at shows/ gift shops and eBay. I have had my dba since 1997-The Homespun Loft and sell other places under that name. You will see my Pet items on my web site and another major online venue where I am a consistent Star Seller. Also a shop there that sells similar to this shop.

I am self taught sewist/crafter and happen to be one of those people who can look at something and know how to recreate it in sewing. I don't use commercial patterns in my work.

At home-- we have a working farm with cows/donkeys/cats and dogs. I think you will see in my work my love of animals. Thank you for reading this and checking out my shop here.

Linda/The Homespun Loft


I always love what this shop creates for my hedgehogs!
This is the cutest and looks really well made! Wouldn’t hesitate to buy from this seller again! This is a Christmas gift for my hedgehog so I don’t have a picture of it in her apartment yet.
I love these pads for my piggies.
Highly recommend this seller . Would buy again
Greta communication and wonderful product . Very pleased . Would buy again
Too too cute!! Love it!! We love this shop! The seller is the best on Etsy!
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