Odin's Toy Factory

Tallahassee, Florida
United States

I am a 20-year USAF veteran, where I worked in air defense as a radar technician and later as and technical inspector. After leaving the Air Force, I had a second career and retired after 28 years as a Systems Programmer/Linux Administrator.

I am 71 and have been making things from wood since childhood. I make and sell wooden toys, ornaments, puzzles, clocks, fretwork, scrollsaw art, baskets, small animal cutouts, custom orders, and anything that catches my attention. Some of my best ideas have come from customers.

I have an eclectic taste in music. I like some of every kind of music, but I am particularly fond of blues guitar. I am a competition shooter and regularly shoot in Smallbore Rifle and Pistol Silhouette matches and Steel Challenge. I like to pretend I can play the guitar.

I have two grandchildren, my grandson Odin and my granddaughter River. 

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Robert Keeney

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