Heather Ferman Art Glass

Jacksonville, Florida
United States

Welcome to my modern handmade jewelry studio, where I immerse myself in the art of crafting exquisite hand-blown glass jewelry through the technique of lampworking. I utilize a specialized blowtorch fueled by a mixture of oxygen and propane, generating temperatures beyond 2500°F. Every piece I create is a testament to my dedication, meticulously shaped and designed by my own hands.

My passion finds its true expression in the creation of unique glass pendants and earrings inspired by the boundless beauty of the ocean. Living by the sea, I am continually captivated by its allure. From the graceful turtles to the ethereal jellyfish pendants, each piece captures the essence of the sea, transforming into wearable works of art.

Yet, there's another captivating theme that ignites my creativity: the human eye. With precision and care, I pull Murrine to craft the intricate irises featured in my eye pendants. These are often referred to as Evil Eye Pendants, believed to bring protection and good luck by warding off negative energy. I enjoy the process of blending different colors, particularly with silver within the glass, resulting in a mesmerizing reflective effect.

My artistic journey also leads to the creation of stunning implosion pendants. Each of these pieces is meticulously crafted using only the finest quality Borosilicate glass and my blowtorch.  I take immense pride in the depth and intricacy of these pendants, each one reminiscent of delicate lotus blossoms, succulents, or anemones painstakingly captured in glass.

Most of the borosilicate glass techniques are done "off mandrel" with glass rods and tubing, a process that never ceases to fascinate me. Watching the glass shift from a solid, cold form into a molten liquid state, only to revert as it cools into unique, wearable art, exemplifies the mesmerizing transformation that takes place within my studio. This is the essence of my art - a harmonious blend of ancient techniques and contemporary creativity.

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