Road Dirt & Pie

Navasota, Texas
United States

Handcrafted quality shouldn’t be out of reach. Using the finest US sourced materials, an old industrial PFAFF sewing machine, and a lifetime of experience, I create beautiful and rugged bags, meant to last. Made in the USA, in a tiny workshop on wheels.

Road Dirt and Pie is a one woman circus. I’ve built a tiny workshop on wheels to travel this great country of ours. Every bag is made by me, along this adventure, in nature, with good intention. With your order, I’ll tell you where your bag was made, and any interesting details.

This vagabond way of living demands thoughtful intention and a constant connection to my surroundings. It’s in sharp contrast to my previous existence, sitting behind a desk waiting for the weekend. There’s a lot of “road dirt,” making my own way, caring for my dogs, and growing a business to sustain this life I’ve created. I really don’t mind… there’s always a slice of “pie,” somewhere in the day, and I smile wide, stitching away, as mama antelopes and their babies hurry past. 

I work in small batches and pay attention to every detail. I love what I do, and smile a lot. The bag you receive, will bring a smile out of you, too. Yep. I’m pretty sure.


Molly Miller, an artisan making her own way.

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