Grants Pass, Oregon
United States

Dance to the Beat of a Different Drum

I became interested in the art of Drum making in 1996 and began making drums and various percussion instruments after a trip to Belize. While there I studied drumming and drum making under Emmeth Young located in Gales Point/Manatee. Emmeth is the village's Griot (a term used to depict the Keeper of Traditions through dance and music) and Master Drum Maker/performer. After a month of study in Gales Point/Manatee I helped arrange a trip to the Ozarks for Emmeth, where I was living at the time. There we spent three months making drums and drumming/performing in the region. I learned that the drum is composed of three spirits united. One the tree, two the animal (hide) and three the drum maker. Through the blending of the three spirits each drum has a unique song when played. I learned traditional drum making through Emmeth and through the years I developed my own drum making art style and skill. This initial experience has served to influence my art work as I expand through other artistic expression. The products I offer are hand crafted and infused with devotion to a peaceful, loving existence. Having gathered experience and inspiration from a somewhat bohemian lifestyle, I make my home now amidst the gentle nature of southwestern Oregon. It is my hope to share some inspiration with you through my expressions in art form.


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