Stormie Gale Creates

Freeport, Florida
United States

My Story

I spent my entire life watching my mom create beautiful things, from paintings, jewelry, glass beads, photographs, paper crafts, and the list goes on and on. She would always try to get me interested in creating things but I would always say "Mom I'm not crafty like you".

Well, that changed in 2015 when I sustained a thumb and hand injury to my dominant hand. I underwent seven surgeries to regain full use of my thumb. Unfortunately, I was unable to regain full use of my thumb which sent me into a depression. I had to find an escape from the depression and I ended up finding small things that I could create with minimal use of my thumb. Creating things ended up becoming therapeutic for me. It allowed me to work on using my thumb in ways that I hadn't had to do previously. Fine motor skills were extremely hard for me but with repetition, they started getting better but will never be 100% again. The injury forced me to find new ways of doing things and I'm honestly very thankful because if it hadn't been for the injury I would have never begun creating and I can't imagine my life without that outlet now. 

I've never been into a craft store that I didn't love and I've never seen a craft that I didn't want to try and recreate or make my own. I know quite ironic since my entire life was spent going to the dreaded craft stores with my mom. I can now say that I'm my mother's daughter. 

My mom is my biggest inspiration I'm always in pure amazement of everything she creates. She's taught me to never give up and always have faith in myself and my creations. My husband is my biggest supporter. If it hadn't been for him always encouraging and supporting me I don't know where I would be right now. 

I'm a perfectionist by fault and never think anything I create is good enough to show or sell to others. It's taken me a long time to get up the nerve to show others my creations.

I truly hope everything you purchase from my store brings you as much happiness as it brought me when I created it.

In crafting there are no mistakes. It's your unique creation.

- Stormie Gale Creates

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