Sing-Along Soap

Oilville, Virginia
United States

SING-ALONG SOAP is committed to promoting wellness and offers HANDMADE soap that is 100% NATURAL, VEGAN, and Palm Oil Free. In addition to carefully selecting our natural ingredients, we make our soap using the cold process method to preserve as many of the nutrients as possible. Our REAL soap is GOOD for your skin. You won’t find any harsh detergents, toxic chemicals or man-made fragrances in our soap.

We use unrefined, nutrient-rich vegetable oils, rich in antioxidants to revitalize your skin. Natural botanicals, purifying earth clays, and tropical butters are added to exfoliate, deep clean and moisturize. Our scented bars are enriched with aromatherapy grade ESSENTIAL OILS.

We LOVE music and have named each of our creations after a SONG. Studies have shown that singing is actually good for you… physically, mentally as well as spiritually, so of course we want you to do more of it. We think a daily dosage of SINGING in the shower with our ALL-NATURAL soap is a perfect way to start each and every day!


Today I had the pleasure of using the "Blackbird" soap that not only lathers well but also has a clean scent. The soap created a rich and creamy lather that left my skin feeling soft and refreshed after working in the garden all morning. I'm looking forward to trying the "Citrus" also. Oh, and thanks for the sample too. Highly recommend! I'll be back for more! Thank you :)
This is my second time to order from Sing-a-long Soaps. Their soaps are amazing. I ordered the charcoal soap and it is wonderful. I’ll be ordering again
I've purchased soap from Sing-Along before... but my new obsession is the shower steamers. They smell amazing and they seem to last longer than others I've tried in the shower. Will be ordering more to have on hand.
I ordered their special sandalwood with anise and I loved it... it smelled so nice and I couldn’t wait to use it. I’ll be ordering again.
looooved the soap! Java Jive is my new favorite, not over powering at all. so glad I got the soap decks as well, they are perfect.
These soap dishes are made with such high quality and the soap is amazing! Good communication from the seller and shipped fast!
Amazing soap! Smells so pretty and leaves my hands feeling clean and soft. Highly recommend.
I bought the Rose Clay Bar of soap as a gift. It's been sitting in my dining room for more than two months, and though I won't be using it myself, I wanted to at least say that the aroma is just as luscious and lasting as when I first received it. And the Natural Pine Wood Soap Deck is a perfect accompaniment. The Rose soap and deck will be going to their home this month. Shipping was prompt, good communication. Thanks much! ♥ Shirley @ Wild Gatherings
I got two soaps and they smell really good! They were shipped really fast!!!
I shave my head at least once a week and no matter what I have tried for commercial shaving gels and creams, my head is always itchy and dry after shaving it. I ordered the Tuff Enuff and Cold as Ice shaving soaps hoping for a different result and I was not disappointed. The soaps arrived quickly. They smelled amazing right out of the package. I used the Tuff Enuff soap last time I shaved and wow what a difference. It lathered well, rinsed well, smelled amazing, and my head felt GREAT afterwards. I'll never go back to the chemical-filled foams and gels now that I've tried these natural options. Thank you for making an awesome product!
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