Day's Journey Artworks

Feeding Hills, Massachusetts
United States


My name is Jennifer Day.  I am the youngest of four of military parents of the US Air Force.  I am a wife and mother of three beautiful daughters and have three beautiful grandchildren. 

 I was a Chef for over ten years now retired. It was the art of food that called me to the profession as well as my competitive nature. It was not one but three separate diseases that knocked me down and took me out of the competition.  I pushed, pulled and clawed my way back up and though I don't move nor see that well anymore I'm on my feet!  

 Although, I am no longer a part of the culinary arts and designing new recipes and plating what I've created the art of home decor has been very fulfilling. I've always had and have been interested in home decor. I love a beautiful space and believe every little piece you place anywhere in your home is a part of you, a memory for a child, a smile, a focus point, comforting.

I keep up with colors and designs of the year but I also design one of a kind items so if you see something that speaks to you then I must have made it just for you.  I've discovered  that two different people who love the same exact color and style will not have the same exact feeling about the same item.  Either you love it or you hate it.  If you love it .. it was made for you.

I am grateful for this platform here at goimagine for giving me the chance to share my art with you! I hope you find something you love!


I kind of have a thing for angels. This is sooo much more beautiful in person. Love the metallic gold of the angel's wings. This painting is gorgeous and is a treasure. Excellent communication, fast shipping. Will definitely buy from Day's Journey Artworks, again. Thank you, Jennifer. ♥♥
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