Faithfulgirl's Crochet Creations

Covington, Georgia
United States

Hello!! My name is Julie and I have been crocheting for over 40 years! Welcome to my GoImagine site where I love making items that bring joy to others lives! I am a wife, mother of 4, Nonnie of 6. I grew up in the north but have been a southern girl for over 20 years now. When I'm not crafting, I enjoy reading, watching hockey, and spending time with my family. 

My love of crocheting was passed down to me from my grandmother and my mother. We spent many a day and night making stuffies, afghans, home decor items...anything that will bring a smile to someone's face! I am blessed to have been gifted the patterns that my grandmother and mother used, as well as many of their crochet hooks, that I use while creating the items you see here. 

Why the name Faithfulgirl, you ask? I met my husband online and he was known as Faithfulman. When we married, I changed my chat name to Faithfulgirl. It carries a lot of meaning for me. I am a woman of faith and I'm not ashamed to say that. You can be assured that when you purchase from me, you will receive a quality product in a timely manner. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope that I can bring a smile to your face soon, if I haven't already! 


The item is super cute
My grand-daughter absolutely loves this kitty kat. I love ordering from this person. Beautiful and quality items.
Beautiful - Quality work and I am love her work.
BEAUTIFUL!!! I am never disappointed when I receive her items.
I had this made for a friend who had just lost her greyhound. When I gave it to her she absolutely loved it. She remarked how much it looked like her Zeke and showed it off to our other coworkers. Thank you for helping to honor Zeke’s memory but making it for her.
This is the second one I have bought in a few weeks. They are really adorable!
This is super cute. I like it so much that I ordered another one.
Julie, is so easy to work with, she's also great at answering questions, & very patient. All of these things are very important when you are collaborating to make such a precious keepsake. She's also very talented, & thoughtful. She sends things out quickly! She will kindly let you know how long of a wait you're looking at, before she can start & finish her little gems. With all these things being said, if you do wish to have her make this donkey... I will warn you that the eyelash yarn that's used to make the mane & tail is very delicate. The mane turned out marvelous, but the tail didn't turn out as fluffy as I hoped. I did not know the nature of this particular yarn beforehand. So, I'm just offering a heads up. :) I named him Giacomo!
I got this bat for my daughter in purple/pink and she has taken in with her when we have to go out somewhere and has played with it a lot since it came in the mail. Great quality work and it's so cute!
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